6 Benefits of hiring a licensed electrician for your new residential project, London property electrics advice

6 Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Electrician for your new Residential Project

2 Aug 2022

6 Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Electrician

When building your perfect house, one of the crucial considerations is hiring an electrician to install new electrical wiring, lights, and appliances. As hazardous as electricity can be, you might want to ensure that the electrical systems you install guarantee energy efficiency and safety of the building occupants. Here is how you can benefit from hiring a licensed electrician for your new residential project.


Licensed electricians, such as Grand Wall Electric, have several years of training and experience in providing residential and commercial electrical services. They can handle any task and even provide custom-designed electrical systems that match your specifications and exact needs.

A licensed electrician can provide information about the most advanced and newest electrical systems available to help you settle for the best. You can always trust these professionals for all your new electrical installations and upgrades.

Insurance Coverage

Although rare, an accident can occur while the electrician works on your residential project. Thankfully, licensed electricians are insured, so you don’t have to bear the liability if an accident occurs. Their insurance covers any damages to your house while the electrical contractor is at work. That may not be the case if you hire an unlicensed electrical contractor or try to do the job yourself, as you will be putting the entire property at risk.

Guarantee Safety

Licensed electrical contractors adhere to safety codes and regulations to guarantee your safety and ignite a sense of wellbeing in your new residential property. They strictly comply with the state, local, and federal electrical codes to deliver top-quality electrical work while avoiding dangerous mistakes. These experts also guide you in acquiring all the required permits for successfully completing your electrical work.

Surety Bond

Most licensed electricians provide some form of assurance that they will do your job perfectly. These experts place surety bonds, whereby if they fail to complete their work or do a substandard job, they pay you a predetermined sum of money as compensation. With this, you have nothing to lose as you either get a perfectly done job or receive compensation for all the inconveniences caused.

Improved Efficiency

Another benefit of working with a qualified electrician is improving your home’s energy efficiency. That’s because these experts maximize your electricity use by installing and configuring advanced electrical systems, making it easy to utilize less energy and enjoy all electricity benefits.


When handling your electrical outlet installations, you must buy all the materials and tools you need for the job. With that, you risk buying substandard materials or improper equipment. Some tools are costly, considering you might use them once or twice at most.

When you work with professional electricians, they advise you on which materials and parts to buy in bulk, saving on costs. Depending on the nature of the job, these experts can tackle all complicated electrical installations and repairs at affordable prices.

The benefits of working with a licensed electrical contractor are immense, from enhancing safety and energy efficiency to providing surety bonds and insurance covers. Hiring a professional enables you to avoid constant electrical faults and have your electrical system running smoothly. Since electricity is highly hazardous when mishandled, secure your new home by leaving all your electrical installation needs to qualified and licensed electricians.

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