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5 Tips To Keep Raccoons Away

28 Jan 2022

5 tips to keep raccoons away guide

To some people, raccoons look pretty cute (but don’t be fooled)! Raccoons have claws and sharp teeth, plus they are prone to fighting. It’s not unusual for raccoons to attack pets and humans.

Even if they don’t attack, they can still spread diseases, and make a nasty mess of your yard. If you’ve got a raccoon problem, and the problem is left, these pesky creatures might even make their way into your home. Raccoons can easily enter through small gaps, such as the roof and attic. To keep the raccoons away, follow these five easy tips.

5 Tips To Keep Raccoons Away Advice

  1. Tidy up your yard

Raccoons love hiding places, so you can also deter them by cleaning up your yard. Make sure that you maintain everything properly, mow your lawn, cut your shrubs, and remove debris. If your backyard is kept nice and neat, it’s far easier to tell if you have a raccoon problem. To keep raccoons away, tidying up your yard is your best bet.

  1. Fence the garden

A fenced garden can keep raccoons out, however, these creatures can still climb. Some owners prefer using an electric fence, for pest-control protection. The decision really depends on how much of a problem raccoons are in your area. If they are becoming a serious issue, an electric fence might be your best bet.

3 . Cover up your trash

Raccoons love trash, if your trash isn’t properly secure, they’ll likely break open your trash bags! Make sure that your trash bags are put into a heavy-duty trash bin. Choose trash bins with locking lids, if not, you can secure the lid using a cinder block. When you’re pushing trash bags into your bin, make sure you tighten each bag securely. As long as you keep your trash secure you’ll keep plenty of different pests out of your garden.

keep raccoons away pest control advice

  1. Use scents raccoons dislike

Raccoons hate certain smells, so if you want to keep them away, consider using a few of these scents in your garden. The following ingredients are a great way to keep raccoons at bay:

  • Peppermint
  • Epsom salt
  • Garlic
  • Hot pepper
  1. Raccoon removal services

If you’ve tried to keep the raccoons away, and they keep coming back you’ll need to contact Raccoon Removal services. Different companies tend to use different removal tactics. If raccoons are entering through your attic space, these might be the typical first steps:

  • A raccoon removal service will start by defining points of entry, and attempting to restrict access.
  • The team will secure any other potential entry points, to keep the raccoons out.
  • Your pest-control professionals will take a look in your attic, looking for damage, or raccoon babies.
  • After clearing the area, the entry point can be sealed for good.

Overall, it’s best to leave pest control to the experts. If you’ve tried a few solutions, but have made no progress, it’s time to call in professional help. The last thing you want is a roof filled with raccoons!

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