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2 December 2022

Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency that does not have a physical embodiment and a single center that would control it. The essence of mining is finding a unique key and it is not an easy task. Dozens of miners are fighting to solve this problem – whoever finds the key first gets a reward (in the form of a certain number of coins that the participants in the transaction “pledge” as a commission during the operation). Usually, the one who has more powerful mining equipment finds the key first. There is another important factor – the current rate of cryptocurrency. You will receive a reward for decrypting blocks in the corresponding digital currency.

We present you with the most powerful mining software in the world. Antminer is a bitcoin miner hosting hardware for crypto mining created by a well-known Chinese company. The great news is that Antminers hold around 70% of Bitcoin mining. This hardware is perfect for mining different types of cryptocurrencies as well. However, we must mention that this hardware consumes a lot of power. The price for using Antminer will vary in different countries as it depends on electricity costs.

Antminer is the most powerful Bitcoin mining hardware that currently exists on the planet. Using this hardware system remains profitable. We provide our clients with a chance to acquire or rent this hardware for crypto mining. Our professional engineers provide you with help at any stage 25/7. We support you and guarantee payback in case of damages. Apply for our help to receive the best crypto mining experience.

Antminer Hosting, Blockchain cryptocurrencies


Most cryptocurrencies use a technology called a blockchain which is a sequence of hierarchically linked blocks. It contains a database of all conducted transactions. New transactions are recorded in blocks that are created by node operators. Each of the computer nodes stores its own copy of the blockchain and, in the course of reaching a consensus, confirms new blocks, passing the result to other nodes. Based on this information, user balances are changed.

Hash functions are widely used in cryptocurrencies. It allows you to “collapse” an arbitrary array of data into one line – a hash. The blockchain is a single base since each subsequent block includes the hash of the previous one. The consensus algorithm is responsible for confirming transactions and verifying all blockchain data, in which network members, and nodes, participate. The most popular consensus algorithms are the already mentioned Proof-of-Work (used in Bitcoin) and Proof-of-Stake.

Cryptocurrency explanation

The algorithm of operation of a particular digital asset includes such parameters as the total emission and the rate of issuance of new coins. The bitcoin cryptocurrency has convenient peering functions, which allow users to make exchange transactions with each other directly, by passing various intermediaries and their commissions (for example, banks).

Another important feature of cryptocurrencies is the increased security of storing and transferring coins. Information about the transaction is known only to its participants, and it will not be possible to withdraw the currency – this will require physical access to the owner’s wallet. Bitcoin was created as an open-source digital payment system. The main breakthrough and at the same time the value of this project is that for the first time it was possible to create a self-sufficient, reliable and decentralized system for transfers.


Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that operates without any regulatory authority or central bank; transaction processing and emission are carried out collectively by network participants. In 2009, it was easy to mine bitcoin, because at that time very few people knew about bitcoins. In addition, it then cost less than a dollar and only enthusiasts dared to mine it. And it was possible to receive a reward by creating a new block on average per day.

By 2013, the price of bitcoin had risen to hundreds of dollars and the number of miners had grown so much that they had to wait months for rewards. Then the first pools began to appear, where miners united in order to quickly create a block, dividing the reward proportionally between the participants. Today, mining bitcoin at home has become less profitable. However, with the help of our powerful equipment and hardware Antminer, you have every chance to get this cryptocurrency at the best possible time.

Other cryptocurrencies types

Mining is a way of extracting crypto coins. Users who mine digital assets are called miners. They direct the computing power of computer equipment to generate blocks in the blockchain. This allows the network to operate in a decentralized manner around the clock. Currently, the financial market has a large selection of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, the number of which is only increasing every year. This is because digital money is of great interest to both the general public and large investors. Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that can be mined with Antminer. Antminer allows you to mine more than 35 types of cryptocurrencies. The meme-cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which has grown significantly in the past year, looks promising. The top cryptocurrencies for mining are also Ethereum or Litecoin.

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Apply Now

Our company provides you with different versions of Antminer software. This software is created by a Chinese company called Bitmain. It is considered the best hardware for crypto mining. Our company provides you with a chance to manage mining operations from home avoiding noise from hardware and extra inconveniences. Our specialists guarantee professional assistance 24/7 and report your projects.

If you are new to mining or a professional miner, you can apply for our services to simplify the process of cryptocurrency mining. Increase your chances to mine more with the help of our experienced engineers. Moreover, we provide a guarantee for any equipment acquired or rented from our company.

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