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5 Easy DIY Mirror Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Sep 24, 2020

5 Easy DIY Mirror Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for an Everlasting Brand New Look

Have you ever heard the joke about the man who was offered a job cleaning mirrors? He said he just couldn’t see himself doing it!

While humorous; that joke touches on a very real fact, which is that people do not pay nearly enough attention to keep their mirrors clean. However, mirror cleaning and maintenance is not only important to keep them looking brand new for a long time—it can also extend the life of mirrors and help them hold their value.

Mirror cleaning does not need to be difficult. Do not let what could be a simple and routine task become something rather daunting. With these 5 easy DIY tips for mirror cleaning and maintenance we will discuss below with you, you will have your mirrors looking as good like new glass in no time!

5 easy DIY mirror cleaning and maintenance tips

5 Easy DIY Mirror Cleaning and Maintenance List

Tip #1: Daily cleaning a quick routine

5 easy DIY mirror cleaning and maintenance tips

The simple truth is that cleaning cannot become routine until you are able to form good habits. If you want to get in the routine of keeping your mirrors clean, you must first create the daily habit of getting out your cleaning supplies and getting to work.

Once you have good habits formed, the best time to practice your cleaning routine is doing as first thing in the morning. Mirror cleaning is quite simply a chore, which is easy to skip. However, by doing your mirror cleaning right after you wash your face, it reduces the chance that you will forget to do it.

Establishing a mirror cleaning routine every morning will also reduce the number of cleaning materials that you need to use, as the mirrors do not need rigorous of a cleaning routine each morning.

Tip #2: Apply a dry cloth every time after applying a damp cloth

5 easy DIY mirror cleaning and maintenance tips

Whenever you can avoid using chemicals on your mirrors, it is best to do so. Chemicals can be toxic and sometimes can harm mirrors and your hands as well. Instead, you can clean your mirrors with water and a damp cloth.

However, when going for this mirror cleaning, be sure to always do the final step: Apply a dry cloth to the surfaces that you cleaned with a damp cloth. Cleaning with water can sometimes result in hard water stains that can look unpleasant and become sticky over time—which compounds the hassle of cleaning. By using a dry cloth afterward, you will eliminate any potential hard water build-up or stains, leaving your mirrors looking spotless and beautiful.

Tip #3: Apply vinegar & water solution to remove tough stains if any

5 easy DIY mirror cleaning and maintenance tips

While cleaning mirrors with damp cloths and then finishing with a dry cloth daily may be the most preferred method, that is not always the practical solution. Whether we like to admit it or not, our mirror cleaning habits, if lapsed, can lead to tough stains on the surface of the mirror.

One simple solution to remove these tough stains is by using a mixture of vinegar and water. In the solution, the water dilutes the vinegar—you won’t need pure vinegar, as only a small amount mixed with water should do the trick.

Vinegar is a great cleaning alternative to chemical cleaners, and it is even an ingredient in many of the household cleaners you would find at the store. However, while those other cleaning solutions also include many other chemicals, vinegar is the essential component to getting the right clean. It is highly acidic, which is what helps it to break down tough dirt, grime, grease, and other sticky stains.

Tip #4: Liquid dish soap can be handy for tough stain removal

Liquid dish soap

While not as ideal, if you do not have vinegar handy, try using some liquid dish soap to fight the tough stains on your mirrors. These soaps are typically softer on the surface of mirrors, unlike some of the alcohol-based cleaners out there that can be rough on mirrors. Dish soaps are designed to delicately clean your dishes—products you also do not want to scratch—so they are natural alternatives to vinegar solutions when trying to tackle the toughest stains on your mirrors.

Tip #5: Use wet-wipes to clean the mirror

5 easy DIY mirror cleaning and maintenance tips

You may not have wet wipes as readily available in your home, but if you do have access to some, they can be great cleaning alternatives to standard disinfectant wipes. Typical commercial wipes and others that are similar include powerful chemicals. While they may be effective for surfaces that are touched frequently—such as countertops, tables, door handles, and railings—because they kill germs and bacteria, mirrors can be frequently touched and do need the same rigorous chemicals to keep clean.

If you’re the one who’s conscious about chemicals so instead, turn to the baby wipes, these types of wipes are used on the most vulnerable newborns, they are free of the harmful chemicals and are a cheap, handy, and effective DIY product for household mirror cleaning.

The Final Say!

Mirrors offer elegance to the home that other a décor with grace simply cannot replicate. However, to maximize the interior beauty that they provide, it is imperative to establish a DIY mirror cleaning routine to keep them shining bright. Use these five handy tips and never worry about dirty mirrors again!

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