5 architecture firms with sleek web design guide

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5 Architecture Firms with Sleek Web Design

11 May 2022

Having a professional website is essential. It’s often the first thing a client will see, and you want to give a great first impression. In fact, research shows that 94% of users form their first impressions based on web design alone.

Your site needs to be fast loading and easy to navigate to ensure that your clients have a great experience.

5 architecture firms with sleek web design guide

Here are just five architecture firms that have prioritised web design to get that sleek, professional look.

  • Olson Kundig

Scrolling down the Olson Kundig website will introduce users to past projects. They have kept it simple with an image-heavy design that includes limited text beyond the project name and location.

Users can click on whichever project they’d like to learn more about, while a discrete drop-down menu at the top offers the navigation options.

  • SOM

SOM have mastered the art of presenting a lot of information in a user-friendly way. Their navigation menu provides a number of page options, preventing the homepage from overwhelming visitors.

SOM also include a video above the fold of their latest project, with a link to the press release so that users can learn more if they choose to.

  • SimpsonHaugh

This Manchester based architecture firm have played a huge role in rebuilding the city since 1996, and they are perhaps best known for Beeham Tower – Deansgate’s Hilton hotel.

SimpsonHaugh’s website uses a simple design with a basic colour scheme, focusing on easy navigation for visitors. They also include recent company tweets, recognising the importance of an active social media presence.

The homepage doesn’t require users to scroll – all the information they need is accessed above the fold through the navigation menu and other links.

  • Powerhouse Company

Powerhouse Company have found a beautiful way to showcase their projects with a unique UI design.

Photography is key on this website and clicking on each photograph takes the user to that project, giving them the chance to learn more about their work.

  • Pattersons

Pattersons have proved that sometimes, the simplest design is the most effective!

Their black and white colour scheme keeps their website looking sleek and polished, with their homepage full of their previous projects.

Not only that, but they’ve also kept things simple by using a standard WordPress template. With a beautiful but budget friendly design, Pattersons prove that you don’t always need fancy bells and whistles to make a big impact and leave a lasting impression.

If you’re looking to improve your web design, then reach out to a trusted local company, such as Maratopia Digital Marketing. This Leeds based agency are experts at the design and delivery of professional web design, helping you secure more conversions from potential clients.

Which architecture firm do you think has the best web design? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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