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5 Architectural Features That Enhance Your Home’s Value and Functionality

17 April 2023

5 architectural features to enhance home value
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Most home buyers carefully consider their style and architectural preferences when looking for a potential home. As a result, they are likely to pay more for a home with a design that positively impacts their lifestyle.

A creative design with practical refinements can make your property more desirable since a robust style meets the homeowner’s expectations, boosting the property’s value. The following design features can improve your home’s functionality and overall value.

1. Perforated Screens and Louvers

Perforated screens provide privacy, ventilation, and shading while creating elegance. The screens can be adjusted manually, but motorized versions make a home more functional. Some designers also use perforated screens to add reflective patterns.

Louvers can add a bold architectural statement and improve your home’s functionality. Typically, louvers are used over doors and windows to control airflow and shading. However, creative designers use louvers to add privacy by adding partially shaded walls on a building’s exterior.

For example, you can create a wall using fixed louvers for more privacy without confining occupants in a fixed space. On the other hand, motorized louvers help you adjust ventilation, privacy, and shading as needed.

2. Combining Unique Building Elements

Using different building materials is gaining popularity among property developers and designers. Combining different natural elements gives your home a modern look and helps you utilize materials that enhance the practicality of your home. For instance, using concrete in specific areas improves insulation, while steel reduces building costs and complements concrete.

However, it’s vital to consider the landscape, climate, occupants, and budget constraints. For example, you can use timber to blend the home with the landscape and complement the design with steel to make the home look contemporary.

3. Indoor CourtYards and Outdoor Rooms

Adding outdoor features has numerous benefits for occupants. Including natural elements in your home makes you feel more connected to nature in urban settings.

Creating an indoor courtyard is among the best ways to incorporate nature into your home. This helps you connect with nature without leaving the comfort of your home. In addition, it helps you enjoy outdoor living space when you don’t have enough space outside.

Creating a functional outdoor living area can also maximize your outdoor experience. The space should be easy to protect against unfavorable weather and ensure uninterrupted open-plan living regardless of the climate. Typically, outdoor living space adds value to your home due to its versatility.

4. Oversize Windows and Doors Casing Trims

In modern property design, architectural features that draw attention make a home more valuable. Since the eyes tend to gravitate upwards and outwards, potential buyers are keen on the design of doors and windows.

Making windows and doors look prominent by adding a huge casing trim can make breathtaking impressions on potential buyers and visitors. Increasing the width and height of your doorway and treating it with a luxurious casing can make your home appear bold and inviting. However, window casing trim depends on the size, but it should be well balanced.

Bold and bigger trims work perfectly among architectural aspects that add the most value. However, outstanding workmanship and consistent design go a long way in attracting high-value buyers.

5. Decorative Crown Molding and Ceiling Beams

Crown molding is returning to the limelight as it instantly adds elegance and interest to any space. Decorative crown molding is among the best ways to give your home a high-end touch and add value. While the molding should be installed throughout the house, some rooms should have more molding up to the ceiling.

Crown molding can transform a bland space into a room with unique character and rich aesthetics. This feature can be a good bet if you want to lift an old home and give it a modern appearance.

However, you should aim to install the molding as high as possible. Molding can improve your home’s perceived value by increasing the height. The higher the molding trim, the more expensive it is to install.

Unique ceiling beams are a popular architectural feature that impresses buyers looking for a bold rustic design. If you prefer a laid-back appearance, ceiling beams can be a great alternative to moldings. You can install a box-beam ceiling for a more sophisticated and airy look in spaces like the dining area and the kitchen.

However, it’s important to consider electrical installations and how the design will impact the existing electrical system. Partnering with reputable electrical maintenance Gold Coast professionals ensures the wiring system matches the new design.

Typically, ceiling beams are most popular as complementary additions to homes with higher price bands. Ceiling beams and decorative moldings are common in high-end luxury homes since they make the space more appealing and valuable. For instance, luxury home developers install ceiling beams contrasting the paint to arouse interest. Specifically, ceiling beams make a traditional home bold and comfy.


Homeownership is a diverse landscape flush with varied expectations. While different aspects differentiate a standard home from an eye-catching and valuable property, design elements are crucial. Some architectural features can make the home desirable, valuable, and functional. Regardless of the features you prefer, choosing the ones with the highest impact is important.

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