4 timesaving tips from professional house cleaners

4 timesaving tips from professional house cleaners guide, Fort Collins building cleaning tips, Northern Colorado home clean advice

4 Timesaving Tips From Professional House Cleaners in USA

18 July 2022

If you are looking to speed up the cleaning routine like professional house cleaners, you have come to the right place. House cleaning pros swear by some useful tips and tricks to save time. Professional cleaners like Fort Collins cleaning services are trained and know many handy techniques to do the cleaning in record time.

Balancing your work and family life leaves you with little time to do household chores. No matter how busy you are, you can not escape cleaning your living space. In addition, it is important to clean and sterilize every nook and cranny for a healthy indoor environment.

4 timesaving tips from professional house cleaners

4 Timesaving Tips From Professional House Cleaners Advice

Cleaning time can be cut down significantly by employing smart ways to achieve a squeaky clean home in less time. Similarly, cleaning does not have to take all day to get sparkling results.

We reached out to some professional house cleaners to get the best time-saving cleaning tips and tricks.

Schedule Cleaning Time

Often, cleaning takes so long because of the tendency to get distracted. Shut off your phone, and schedule the cleaning time down to the minute. Avoid cleaning a little and then taking some time to rest, do it in one swoop.

Spare a distraction-free hour for cleaning twice or thrice a week for thorough cleaning. Preferably, use a timer and divide your time into minutes for different cleaning tasks like vacuuming, mopping, dusting, etc.

That way, you will have a timed target, making you work a bit harder and finish in less time.

One Thing At a Time

Do not try to clean all the places simultaneously as it is impossible. Clean one place at a time, for instance, start with the kitchen and stay there till it is fully cleaned and organized.

Alternatively, start with the easy stuff, and clean low-traffic rooms first before moving on to the kitchen or bathroom. It also depends on the household, choose any space that feels like a good place to start.

Use Appropriate Tools

Investing in proven and tested cleaning tools is vital for cutting down cleaning time. Using advanced tools, supplies, and cleaning agents ensures a quick and easy cleaning job.

Commonly used cleaning tools include a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner, scrub brush, cleaning mop, spray bottle, squeegee, and a good sponge. In addition, use apps and online tools to remind yourself of getting different cleaning chores done.

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Skip Rarely-Used Rooms

Cleaning twice a week is enough for most households. Focus on high-traffic areas like corridors, living room, bathroom, and kitchen when cleaning.

Some cleaning chores need to be done once or twice a month, for instance, cleaning seldom-used rooms like the guest bedroom. Leave these rooms for monthly cleaning and use the time for day-to-day cleaning tasks.

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In Conclusion

Lastly, do not hesitate to ask for help from friends, family, professionals, and whoever is willing to pitch in. Cleaning is not a one-time thing as keeping the house in tip-top shape is constant work. Another way is to hire professional house cleaners for an organized, clean, and tidy home.

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