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Four Classic and Popular Cottage Styles on the Market Today

18 April 2022

4 classic and popular cottage styles on market
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Many people find that the cottage country is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily life in the city and unwind in a relaxing home-away-from-home in the quiet countryside.

Cottages can come in all manners of different styles, sizes, shapes, and architectural aesthetics. For example, if you’re looking at Muskoka real estate for sale, you’ll find many modern and luxurious cottages, but also more classic and modest options as well.

If you’re not too familiar with the many aesthetics of cottages out on the market, then read on, and learn more about these four popular cottage design types, as well as the architecture and aesthetics that go into each.

The Traditional Log

When many people think of the traditional-style cottage, they think of the classic wood cabin aesthetic. These cottages are built with large logs of rounded wood. Usually, these logs come from softwoods like pine trees or cedar. Cedar especially is naturally insect and fungus resistant, as well as aromatic, giving off that ‘fresh cabin’ smell. These traditional cabins are often decorated with furs, more natural wood accents, and plaid accents to further accentuate the “great outdoors” atmosphere.


Coastal or beach-style cottages are often found near bodies of water like lakes or the seaside and, as such, as often themed around nautical or beach inspiration. Coastal cottages often have broad porches, in some cases that wrap entirely around the circumference of the cottage.

Coastal cottages are often painted cedar and clapboard, built to be weather resistant to lake conditions and (if applicable) the salty air by the seashore. When it comes to the interior, white walls and shiplap are the predominant statement points, with an open breezy concept and accents of blue or sea green to hone in the waterfront charms.

English Cottage

The idea of a cottage along the English countryside is a dream to many, and this relaxing style of cottage is known for its more quaint nature and landscaping, such as stone pathways and tended gardens.

Architecturally, English cottages usually have a steeper pitched roof, narrower windows, large chimneys, and other decorative brickwork. This can also be known as a Tudor-style cottage. Other defining characteristics can include an asymmetrical floorplan, half-timbering, and an enclosed entryway.

When it comes to décor, English cottage is a combination of elegance with the relaxed and cozy nature of the country. Cozy blankets, soft bedding, favourite keepsakes, bookshelves, and lots of florals all make an English cottage feel like home.

Southern Style

If you’re looking for Southern charm, then look no farther than a Southern-style cottage. These types of cottages often are built with gabled roofs and classical elements like large pillars, shutters, and the occasional pediment and cornice.

To compete with the Southern heat and humidity, these cottages are often built with tall ceilings, wide windows, and a large front porch to allow for maximum access to a cool breeze and fresh air, perfect for unwinding during the hot days of summer.

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