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4 Amazing Benefits of Skirting Boards You Need to Know

6 May 2022

Skirting boards are a common feature in many homes and are also popularly known as kick-boards or baseboards. They are not used for formality but have many reasons as to why they are put in the different parts of many homes.

Skirting boards are many types and can either be nailed, screwed, or glued on your walls depending on what you want. Following are the top reasons why Skirting boards are part of many home-building projects.

4 amazing benefits of skirting boards

1. Prevent Wall Damage

Skirting boards are known for protecting the lower parts of your walls that are normally prone to damage from your daily activities. For example, when cleaning, wet mopers and vacuum cleaners tend to get into contact with the wall.

The vacuum cleaner scrapes its surface while the wet mop leaves patches on the wall. Children’s toys and foot traffic can also damage the walls with time. So the best option is to install skirting boards such that nothing gets into contact with them.

Best of all, the boards have moisture resistance properties and can’t easily be damaged by regular mopping and cleaning.

2. Cover Gaps

Bad installation of walls, flooring, and doors tends to leave gaps in some parts of your home. This bothers many homeowners as they look for the best solution for it. But you don’t have to worry anymore because skirting boards at skirtingworld.co.uk are here to your rescue.

They perfectly cover any worrying gap in your home and boost its look and tighten your security. Moreover, they keep away pests that can use the space to enter your house. You just have to get the right size of skirting board and fix it in the gaps.

3. Improve Your Home Decor

Skirting boards are among the best materials you can use for the interior design of your home. They give any room an amazing and elegant look. This is because they are available in different designs and you pick the most suitable for either your sitting room, dining or bedroom.

On top of that, they are also available in different colors. But you are free to paint them with one that matches with space’s paint. All this means skirting boards have limitless design options for your interior design project.

4. Easy to Install and Maintain

Another top reason why you need to embrace skirting boards is that they are easy to install. The whole procedure is so simple and you can handle it all by yourself as long as you know the right thing to do. You have to take the right measurements and know the type of boards you want. You can then screw, nail or glue them on your walls.

Except if you are not sure of what to do, then you can hire a professional to help you out. But the costs will be small because the process is simple. Maintaining skirting boards is also simple and cheap. You just have to clean off the dust as you do with other parts of your home.
Embrace Skirting Boards

Buy the best boards at skirtingworld.co.uk and boost the interior look of your home as you keep pests out.

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