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3 finishing touches for your new build guide

21 July 2021

3 finishing touches for your new build

As much as it makes for great viewing, Grand Designs misses a lot of important elements from the house-building process.

While Kevin McCloud takes you through the initial design phase, the discussions with architects, and the inevitable financial headaches that building entails, it’s rare that the programme shows the painstaking work of cleaning and refurbishing a home once the bulk of the hard labour is complete.

When the builders have cleared out, there’s still tons to be done. You’ll have to clean the place up, put down some flooring, sort out your interior design and learn how to make the most of the living space you’ve created.

Sound like hard work? That’s because it is. But once you’re done, you’ll have a home to be proud of.

Nonetheless, it’s not an easy process. To lend you a helping hand, here’s a bite-sized checklist of tasks you’ll have to complete before you’ve finished the renovation of your home.

3 finishing touches for your new build checklist

  1. Industrial cleaning

Builders are talented people, able to work adeptly with their hands on all manner of projects. They represent the back bone of an industrious nation, understanding that building and expansion are the key drivers of the economy.

Unfortunately their trade is messy by nature – enter a house after building work is complete and expect to be met with mountains of sawdust, discarded nails and the occasional errant piece of wood.

That means you’ll need the best cleaners cash can buy to clear away the muck and grime of a messy building job.

Advanced Chem-Dry is one of the best choices in the country for such a mammoth task. They specialise in commercial and residential cleaning, and even have the skill and finesse to clear up fire-damaged properties. Well worth a look for a large cleaning job.

  1. Interior design

One size doesn’t fit all where interior design is concerned. One person’s Shakespeare is another’s Uwe Boll. So while we’re reluctant to cite specifics in how you furnish your home, we will recommend a company flexible enough to see your desires and make them a reality.

London’s Katherine Pooley is a design studio that values decadence and luxury, and can give you a taste of both. Although her services may be out of the price range of some, she’s a weaver of pure design magic for those who can afford her.

  1. Dazzling tech

Your home is clean and it’s crammed with sofas and scatter cushions. But without a nice big telly in your living room, can you really call it a home at all?

Using a TV as the centrepiece for your living room is the perfect way to catch the eye of visitors. We recommend a 55-inch Sony XR if you really want to impress and enjoy picture-perfect quality. When you start buying more tech for your home, make sure it’s compatible with your new telly for a fully connected lifestyle.

Those are our top tips to make your new house a perfect home. Got any of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

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