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HDB interior design – house style

26 Sep 2019

HDB interior design – The popular trends to follow

A well decorated and designed home is a beautiful piece of art. Not only does it fetch you appreciation and praises, but it also brings you ample happiness to reside in a space, designed using creative ideas and thoughts. Home decor trends are always changing. The patterns reflect how people want their private living space to be.

HDB interior design, home trends guide

Are you planning to renovate your home? If yes, then you need to ensure the best HDB interior design trends that add a distinctive element to your house.

HDB interior design guide

The popular ones are as follows:

  1. You can say yes to bold backsplashes

Most homeowners love clean, white, and simple backsplashes. However, today, you can also welcome bold backsplash patterns in your kitchen. 2019 is all about going function and fun with the accents. You can also experiment with an uneven and geometric backsplash that can give the space a unique persona. If you haven’t decided a pattern for your kitchen space, use bold backsplashes, and earn all the appreciation.

  1. Boho decor has made a comeback

Since most people wanted a clutter-free decor, the Boho took a backseat for a while! However, in 2019 it has made a comeback and also has exciting additions, like curved lines and a vintage appeal. Most homeowners can experiment with patterned and layering fabrics and also make it appear brighter and cleaner. You can embrace the bohemian in yourself and go all about with a freestyle vibe. It will give your home the much-required sophistication as well as a laidback ambiance.

  1. Maximalism is gaining prominence

Most people have opted-in for the minimalistic decor. However, today, few designers are back with textural overload and excess. And this decor has gained ample prominence this year. That doesn’t mean minimalism will become obsolete. It means maximalism has made its mark and is here to stay as well. Here homeowners can get creative and say yes to geode furniture, antique decor, and timeless pieces that can transform their living space and rooms. It is essential to ensure that the decor doesn’t look over the top and complements the room space, color, and aesthetics.

  1. Navy becomes the new black

Black is both conventional and timeless! However, in 2019, the interior design trends are going to include navy elements. Home designers and interior decorators must take the chance to use navy in fresh and unique ways. It means the old and tedious way of using navy should get ruled out. You can say goodbye to the black accents and furniture and start using the navy soon. It gives your house a clean appearance and also adds the required freshness and gravitas.

  1. Add a green element

Most homeowners today are opting in for a natural component of their home decor. It can be artificial green plants inside their living room or an herb garden at the balcony or kitchen. It adds a unique and exciting dimension to your home decor.

There are several other home designing trends and guidelines that you can opt-in for! You can start with these five trends and then expand it depending on your requirement and budget capacity.

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