Barn House Cordoba, Carmen Station Home, Argentina Real Estate Building Project, South American Architecture Photos

Barn House in Carmen Station

25 May 2022

Architects: Arq. Ravelo Julia – South architecture workshop

Location: Carmen Station, Cordoba, Argentina, South America

Barn House Carmen Station

Photos: Gonzalo Viramonte

Barn House, Argentina

Casa Granero is a permanent-use house, conceived for a family that enjoys gatherings, friends, farming, cooking, furniture-making and animals raising.

Barn House Carmen Station Cordoba

It pretends to be a contemporary adaptation of agricultural spaces for the collection and conservation of seeds. It uses the idea of flexible and safe space for inclement weather. Protection and production.

The main house is located between carob trees, with the purpose to live under them, freeing this way enough space for a second stage of the house, an orchard and a patio.

Barn House Carmen Station

Inside the property there´s also an old van which is used as workshop and guest house.

In the main space, the kitchen is the gravity center of the family life. The bar/cook table is located in the direction of a huge large window that takes the full heights of the house and allows daily to contemplate and experience the existing carob trees in the property.

Barn House Carmen Station

It pretends to be a space of gatherings and celebrations where the limits between interior and exterior are blurred under the big roof.

Barn House Carmen Station Cordoba

The house adapts the local weather that suffers from big storms. The location of the garage and the most-closed walls are south-oriented, leaving minimal but strategical openings in order to not lose the views of the carot trees and the horizon.

Barn House Carmen Station

In the north orientation, there´s the gallery that creates a weather filter as well as a space of transition between interior and exterior.

Barn House Carmen Station

The materiality is solved by a monolithic base of 27cm-thick brick walls, in contrast to the light roof formed by metallic profile-structural beams, which modulate the house. Metal, aluminum and glass on the other hand allow, at strategic points, the connection between the exterior and interior. The materials used in its natural finish devoid of plasters and coatings. Everything proposed is genuinely structural.

Barn House Carmen Station

Barn House in Córdoba, Argentina – Building Information

Project Name: BARN HOUSE
Architecture Office: Arq. Ravelo Julia – South architecture workshop
Website: IG julia.ravelo / IG tallerdearquitecturasur
Contact email: [email protected]
Country of the Office: Argentina

Construction completion year: 2019
Constructed area: 330 sqm
Location: Carmen Station, Cordoba, Argentina

Architects in Charge: Arch. Ravelo Julia
Design Team: Arch. Ravelo Julia
Engineering: Ing. Tissera Marcela
Collaborators: / Arch., Sofía Bringas / Arch., Manuel Villafañe

Barn House Carmen Station Cordoba

Barn House Carmen Station Cordoba

Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte

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Location: Carmen Station, Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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