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3 Rocks in the Landscape, Jujuy

15 Oct 2021

Design: Barq´s architecture workshop

Location: Los Nogales, Jujuy, Argentina

Artist Studio Jujuy Argentina

3 Rocks in the Landscape

This project was born in 2017 with the commission to design three cabins of different dimensions to be built in the town of Los Nogales, 15 km from San Salvador de Jujuy. As designers of a mountain city (Alta Gracia, Córdoba), the landscape is a great component of our works and is a key piece when creating architecture. In this case it is a natural, impressive landscape, the mountain as an inspiring muse, the whole.

Artist Studio Jujuy Argentina

The slogan for Cabañas Los Nidos was clear 3 cabins, S (studio), M (1 bedroom) and L (2 bedrooms), simplicity, little maintenance and use the site’s own resources.

Artist Studio Jujuy Argentina

Artist Studio Jujuy Argentina

The implantation was the starting point for the further development of the idea, planting 3 rocks that blend in with their surroundings and respect the characteristics of the terrain, the mountain did the rest. Its location was accompanying the natural slope of the land, taking into account orientation, views and privacy, as key axes. In the upper part the parking lot and cabin S are located, then continuing with the slope the cabin M and L.

Artist Studio Jujuy Argentina

These elements are characterized by being a monolithic piece, that is to say, all the facades, including the roof, are made of the same material, which allows consolidating a timeless, austere and local architecture. The rock of the place is what covers these three elements, making them unique, together with the use of local resources. This is achieved through a study and geometric synthesis, where the folds and diagonals in all its surfaces, allow the creation of a single element, a rock built by many rocks.

Artist Studio Jujuy Argentina

Campos Baeza, in his 1997 publication “Cajas, cajitas y cajones” illustrates us in terms of discerning between the stereotomic and the tectonic in architecture. We present here a forceful decision to opt for the stereotomic, with a compact constructive materiality, an architecture that seeks light, pierces its walls with contained diaphragms that allow luminosity to flood its peaceful corners. It is the architecture of the basement, in short, the eternal appropriation of the cave.

Artist Studio Jujuy Argentina

Regarding the construction aspects, the earthquake-resistant structure is made up of a foundation of stalls from h ° to ° and porticoes from hºaº. The materials used were hollow ceramic brick, exposed reinforced concrete slabs and PVC carpentry in brown with wood-like veins. These accompany the ocher tonality of the slabs that were used to cover both the exterior walls and the roof. The glasses are of the DVH type.

Artist Studio Jujuy Argentina

Each of the units contains an expansion to the outside, with a large window. The other openings were designed for a particular view of their surroundings, a cutout of the landscape, maintaining privacy from each other.

Artist Studio Jujuy Argentina

The local workmanship, with generations of stone work and the material available in nature made it possible for the idea of an abstract and timeless image to materialize and blend perfectly with its surroundings.

Artist Studio Jujuy Argentina

Artist Studio in Jujuy, Argentinaa – Building Information

General information
Project Name: Cabañas “Los Nidos”
Architecture Office: Barq´s architecture workshop
Contact email: [email protected]
Country of Office: ARGENTINA

Construction completion year: 2018
Built area: 215 sqm
Location: Los Nogales, Jujuy, Argentina

Additional credits
Architects in Charge: Arch. Astesano Cristina – Arch. Pablo Bisio
Design Team: Arch. Astesano Cristina – Arch. Pablo Bisio
Site management: Ing. Viviana Ortiz
Engineering: Ing. Viviana Ortiz

Artist Studio Jujuy Argentina

Media provider
Photography Credits: Mavi Habil
Photographer’s E-mail: [email protected]

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Location: Los Nogales, Jujuy, Argentina, South America

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