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27 May 2017

Henley Halebrown Architects News

‘Redefining Brutalism’ by Simon Henley

Out in June 2017

RIBA Publishing
215 x 196 mm, 224 pages Paperback
978 1 85946 577 6 (English)

Redefining Brutalism by Simon Henley | www.e-architect.com

There is a genuine resurgence of interest in this period of architecture. Brutalism is a highly debated topic in the architectural press and amongst architectural critics and institutions who promote the preservation of these buildings.

This book is unique in combining beautiful, highly illustrated design with description of both British and International brutalist buildings and architects, alongside analysis of the present and future of brutalism. Not just be a historical tome, this book discusses brutalism as a living and evolving entity.

25 Jan 2017

Major Buildings by Henley Halebrown, London, England, alphabetical:

New Primary School and Flats, Hackney, Northeast London, England

Hackney Council has approved plans by Henley Halebrown for a new primary school and an 11-storey block of flats in the borough.

New Hackney Primary School building by Henley Halebrown

The 8,500m² primary school is located at 1 Downham Road in Hackney, with the two main school buildings under development next door at 317 Kingsland Road.

New Primary School and Flats in Hackney by Henley Halebrown

Previously on e-architect:

7 Oct 2016

Frampton Arms & Lyttelton House, Hackney, Northeast London, England

Lyttelton House view from Well Street:
Lyttelton House Hackney London by Henley Halebrown Architects

We have gained planning permission for two mixed-tenure residential schemes in the London Borough of Hackney: Frampton Arms and Lyttelton House. Both are located on the edge of the post-war Frampton Park Estate. Both are designed to make connections between the existing housing estate and the surrounding historic streets, and to do this humanely. Together they will provide 45 new homes.

To achieve this, at Frampton Arms, we have picked up on “urban artefacts” like bridges within the composition of the building to create a sense of drama and delight on the way to and from apartments. Inside, hallways and staircases are generous. A veranda coupled to each of the three new villas serves as outside amenity space and in one case as gallery circulation. Lyttelton House – a palazzo in miniature – similarly uses verandas to create enjoyable inside – outside spaces, mediating between domestic and urban realms. These verandas also play an important part in accentuating the curve of the street. Apartments on the lower floors of Lyttelton House are arranged around a central hall and staircase. Above, a series of houses are planned around a courtyard open to the sky.

Frampton Arms view from Well Street:
Frampton Arms Hackney London by Henley Halebrown Architects

Frampton Arms view from Courtyard:
Frampton Arms Hackney building

De Beauvoir Road, England

De Beauvoir communal courtyard:
De Beauvoir Road Hackney building by Henley Halebrown Architects

Our project for transforming six Victorian warehouses into studios and offices for the Benyon Estate in Hackney is taking shape on site. The remodelling of these buildings recollects our earlier completed work 10–22 Shepherdess Walk by treating the roof of these warehouses as a landscape in microcosm on which are to be constructed a series of small prefabricated pavilion studios.

No 92 seen from De Beauvoir road – precast concrete extension:
Benyon Estate building in London by Henley Halebrown Architects

Henley Halebrown Architects

We are delighted to announce that last week we appointed Craig Linnell as our Studio Director. Craig has been with the practice as an Associate / Associate Director for sixteen years after joining in 1997. He is leading on the new Chadwick Hall student residences project at the University of Roehampton where we have completed The Yard, an experimental brick court, and the first built phase of our masterplan for the University.

Architecture practice away day on 22 September in Chadwick Hall, University of Roehampton, taken by Simon Henley:
Henley Halebrown Architects

You will see that the studio’s name has changed from Henley Halebrown Rorrison to Henley Halebrown (as above). This follows on from Ken Rorrison’s retirement from private practice earlier in 2016.

More architecture design projects by Henley Halebrown online soon

Location: 21 Perseverance Works, 38 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DD, England, United Kingdom

London Architecture Practice Information

Architect office based in east end of British capital.

London Architects

The Waldron, Lewisham, London, UK
Date built: 2011
Design: Henley Halebrown Rorrison
The Waldron The Waldron Lewisham The Waldron London The Waldron Health Centre
images from architect
The Waldron by Henley Halebrown

Henley Halebrown Rorrison was previosuly titled Buschow Henley, with the name change taking place in 2010.

Henley Halebrown Rorrison : Public Building Architect of the Year 2011.

London Architecture : news + key projects
Swiss Re Building
photo © Adrian Welch

London Architect

London Buildings:

Finsbury Health Centre, northeast London
Berthold Lubetkin
Finsbury Health Centre
photo © Nick Weall, 2010
Finsbury Health Centre

Kentish Town Centre, north London
Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
Kentish Town Centre
photo © Timothy Soar
Kentish Town Centre

Henley Halebrown Rorrison

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