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Daneshgar Architects News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Arndtstrasse Housing, Vienna, Austria – 13 Oct 2013
Arndtstrasse Building
image from architects
The existence of two high-rise buildings in close proximity to the project had a contextual impact on this design. Daneshgar Architects suggested raising the height limit of the building’s corner for bringing harmony between our proposal and the neighbouring structures that were built in 1960s.

Mansory Villa, Vienna, Austria
Mansory Villa Vienna
image from architect
Mansory Villa – 31 Jan 2013
The building plot is located in 19th district on the beautiful hills of Vienna, surrounded by the world-famous traditional vineyards of the city. Situated in a green and quiet area, away from city noise and yet quick connected to the city center, the most costly Viennese private villas are located in this district.

Fendigasse Housing, Vienna, Austria
Design: Daneshgar Architects
Fendigasse Housing Building Vienna
image from architects
Fendigasse Housing – 13 Nov 2012
The intended concept for the roof extension has been derived from our earlier design for a sailing yacht. Watching the wonderful view of Vienna from the rooftop of the existing building, we had the feeling of sailing on a ship looking out at an endless sea. Then, we adopted our yacht design to the new roof extension. The constructed building proves our approach, as the pedestrians would recognize the similarity between the penthouse top and the yacht at a quick glance.

Haghani Complex, Tehran, Iran – The Clouds of Tehran
Haghani Complex design
image from architect
Haghani Complex – 4 Oct 2012
It is the architects’ task to make people wonder about their city. Creativity is an incredible power in hands of the architect that transforms a building into a unique phenomenon. Our idea for the Haghani complex was new and yet unexperienced! The site is located in a key area of central Tehran and completes the important Abbas Abad master plan with buildings of high national significance.

Sanat Square, Tehran, Iran
Daneshgar Architects
Sanat Square design
image from architect
Sanat Square – 3 May 2012
It is the magic touch of inspiration that makes Sanat Square stand out of its context. The design proposed for the monument on Sanat square is basically based on the concept of ‘geometric Kufi’ calligraphic forms. The cultural values embedded in the design is supposed to lend a particular excitement to both local area and the mega-city of Tehran.

Penthouse Neilreichgasse, Vienna, Austria
Daneshgar Architects
Vienna Apartment Building
image from architects
Penthouse Neilreichgasse – 24 Apr 2012
Favoriten has the highest amount of buildings from the “Gründerzeit” period. Nowhere in the city is the grid street plan as clear as in this district, an urban development which has been greatly expanded at around 1900. In Neilreichgasse this coherent block structure is suddenly interrupted. On one side of the street there is a commercial property with a supermarket and a parking lot and then, on the other side, our residential building with a lower construction height.

Kelardasht Villa, northern Iran
Daneshgar Architects
Kelardasht Building
image from architect
Iranian Villa – 23 Apr 2012
Kelardasht is one of the most beautiful parts of Iran, located at the close proximity to the Caspian Sea, with a spectacular view to the Alborz Mountains in its background.

Goldschlagstrasse, Vienna, Austria
Goldschlagstrasse Building
image from architects
Goldschlagstrasse Housing + San Marco Restaurant – 12 Jan 2012
The primary design idea was to provide an architectural solution which could extend the green spaces of the neighbouring park onto the building. Descending from the rooftop to the ground floor, a secondary structure out of metallic grids was designed on the building’s facade to reinforce the green effect of the existing park on the building’s facade by planting vegetation.

Wissgrilgasse Housing, Vienna, Austria
Wissgrilgasse Housing
photo from architects
Wissgrilgasse Housing – 9 Jul 2011
Inspired by the “Railjet” trains passing by and stopping at the Vienna Westbahnhof station, the firewall surface on the north façade is largely used for promoting purposes and features an abstract image of the speedy trains ironically called “Roofjet” on the rooftop.

Daneshgar – Recent Designs

Office Design OAG, Vienna, Austria
Obere Amtshausgasse Vienna
photo from Daneshgar Architects
Vienna Office Design

Tehransar Project, Tehran, Iran
Tehransar Project Tehran
image from architect
Tehransar Project

Ayatollah Boroujerdi Square, Boroujerd, Iran
Ayatollah Boroujerdi Square
image from architect
Boroujerdi Square

Haghani Commercial Complex, Tehran, Iran
Haghani Commercial Complex Design
picture from architect
Haghani Commercial Complex

Office Building in Khorramshahr, Iran
Khorramshahr Office Building
image from architect
Khorramshahr Office Building

Major Design by Daneshgar Architects

Iranian Embassy Building, London, UK
Iranian Embassy London
image from Daneshgar Architects
Iranian Embassy Building

Daneshgar Architects – Key Projects

Designs, alphabetical:

General Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Munich, Germany
General Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran Munich Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran Munich Consulate Iran Munich Iranian Consulate Munich

General Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran Munich Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran Munich Consulate Iran Munich Iranian Consulate Munich

Märzstrasse Vienna – Housing, Austria
Märzstrasse Vienna Housing Märzstrasse Vienna Housing Vienna Housing Märzstrasse Housing

Märzstrasse Vienna

Obere Amtshausgasse Vienna – Housing, Austria
Obere Amtshausgasse Vienna Housing Obere Amtshausgasse Vienna Housing Obere Amtshausgasse Vienna Housing Obere Amtshausgasse Vienna Housing

Office Building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur Office Building

Office Building Stockholm, Sweden
Office Building Stockholm Office Building Stockholm

Residence Vienna – Fitness room, Austria
Residence Vienna Fitness room Residence Vienna Fitness room Residence Vienna Fitness room Residence Vienna Fitness room

Residence Vienna Fitness room Residence Vienna Fitness room Residence Vienna Fitness room

Velux DemoHaus, competition, Austria
Velux DemoHaus Velux DemoHaus Velux DemoHaus Velux DemoHaus

Wissgrilgasse Vienna – Housing, Austria
Wissgrilgasse Vienna Housing

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