Goldschlagstrasse – San Marco Restaurant Vienna

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Goldschlagstrasse + San Marco Restaurant, Vienna, Austria

Goldschlagstrasse Development – design by Daneshgar Architects

12 Jan 2012

Goldschlagstrasse Wien

Goldschlagstrasse Housing, Vienna, Austria

Design: Daneshgar Architects

Type: Restoration, Roof extension
Location: 1140 Vienna, Austria
Architect: Armin Daneshgar
Year: 2011

Goldschlagstrasse Goldschlagstrasse Housing Goldschlagstrasse Vienna Goldschlagstrasse Wien
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The existing building is located in close proximity to the Reinlpark, a recently renovated park with an outdoor pool for kids. The primary design idea was to provide an architectural solution which could extend the green spaces of the neighbouring park onto the building. Descending from the rooftop to the ground floor, a secondary structure out of metallic grids was designed on the building’s facade to reinforce the green effect of the existing park on the building’s facade by planting vegetation. This “Green Grid” provides a vegetal covering which improves visual effects of the building, contributes to the reduction of CO2, saves environment and improves local neighbourhood sustainability.

Goldschlagstrasse Building Goldschlagstrasse Housing Vienna Goldschlagstrasse Housing Wien
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San Marco Restaurant, Vienna, Austria

Design: Daneshgar Architects

Type: Interior Design
Location: Goldschlagstrasse, 1140 Vienna, Austria
Architect: Armin Daneshgar
Year: 2011

San Marco Restaurant San Marco Restaurant Vienna San Marco Restaurant Wien
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Which color could best reflect the characteristic of a building located on “Goldschlagstrasse”? The golden color as the name of the street implies, is a symbol of luxury and wealth and gives you a feeling of warmth and splendour. At first glance, it is the restaurant’s entrance on corner of Goldschlagstrasse and Reinlgasse which attracts attention through its charming appearance. A folding surface embraces the entrance glass box and invites every passer‐by to step inside. This folded surface reminds us more of table napkins at restaurants being folded into an abstract shape.

San Marco Restaurant Goldschlagstrasse Restaurant Goldschlagstrasse Restaurant Vienna
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While you enter the restaurant, you encounter the bar & kitchen counter whose form is exactly driven from the external metallic element designed on the top of the main building providing its facade with a green layer of vegetation. Both the external lightweight element and the internal solid bar counter are located on a corner position; however there is no good visibility from street level toward the metallic structure on the roof and therefore the bar counter echoes the same design language by duplicating the external form in a smaller scale inside the restaurant.

San Marco Restaurant Vienna Vienna Restaurant Restaurant Wien
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Goldschlagstrasse Housing images / information from Daneshgar Architects

Daneshgar Architects is an architectural practice led by Dr. Armin Daneshgar with its central office based in Vienna, Austria.

Daneshgar Architects


Location: Goldschlagstrasse, Vienna

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