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post updated 18 January 2022

Atelier RZLBD News

Atelier RZLBD Architects News

18 Jan 2022
Albers House, Scarborough, Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada
Albers House Scarborough Ontario
photo : Borzu Talaie
Albers House in Scarborough, Toronto
Serene yet outrageous is the presence of Albers House in a typical residential street of Scarborough, Ontario. In its paradoxical behaviour, it both adapts to and resists against the existing conditions, performing very restricted yet radical transformation on the existing space and the neighbourhood.

16 Sep 2021
Out(side)In House, Scarborough Bluffs, Ontario, Canada
Out(side)In House Scarborough Bluffs Ontario
photograph : Borzu Talaie
Out(side)In House in Ontario

Apr 25, 2017

Book by Reza Aliabadi

rzlbd hopscotch

We bring you news of the first monograph on Toronto architecture studio rzlbd, recently published by Artifice books on architecture in London, UK.

rzlbd hopscotch book

Rzlbd Hopscotch Seeking A Territory For A Vision

Author: Reza Aliabadi

Contributors: Leslie K Norford (Professor, Mit Architecture) Amir A Aliabadi (Professor, University Of Guelph) John Bentley Mays (Critic, The Globe And Mail) Martin Bressani (Director, Mcgill University School Of Architecture)

Book by Reza Aliabadi

This publication is the first monograph on rzlbd’s work, focusing on the architectural practice’s built projects over the last five years, whilst including a selection of past works and polemical writings that set the foundation for the practice; rzlbd is a boutique architectural practice based in Toronto founded in 2010 by the architect Reza Aliabadi, whose work extends to designing buildings and objects, and curating installations and expositions.

Book by Reza Aliabadi

With a particular interest in the house as an archetypal model of the world, whilst implementing the guiding idea that design belongs to everyone and that ”modern has to be affordable”, the work of rzlbd occupies a unique position in its exploration of new ideas for contemporary infill dwellings.

Book by Reza Aliabadi

Book by Reza Aliabadi

Book by Reza Aliabadi

On Rzlbd Houses:

“Certainly At The Scale Of The Stand-alone, Single-family Dwelling, – Where Ingenious Itineraries And Openings And Shuttings Can Be Orchestrated – Mr. Aliabadi Has Shown Himself To Be A High-order Poet Of Volumes And Voids.”

John Bentley Mays, The Globe And Mail

Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd – Latest Buildings

Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

1 Oct 2013
Tetris House, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
House in Toronto
photos : borXu Design
For the architects Tetris is not just a game of block arrangement and fast performance, but it is a quest of effective design. If a designer of space was as structured as Tetris blocks, there would be virtually zero wasted space within a building.

24 Sep 2013
Totem House , Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Ontario Residence
photo : borXu Design
Robert and John are travelers. They collect sculptures by local artists and bring them home. They have a keen eye for modernism and minimal design and they don’t settle for ordinary

11 Aug 2013
Blue Pie Condo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Blue Pie Toronto
photograph : borXu Design
This is an intriguing transformation of a typical Torontonian condo into the celebration of a man’s living style and artistic curiosities. It is a poetic invasion of the color blue into a white room washed with natural light.

11 Feb 2013
Bayview Village Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Bayview Village Art Gallery
photo from architect
Bayview Village Art Gallery
A void cannot exist without a mass, and the multipurpose art gallery designed by atelier rzlbd is an expression of this realization and a representative of its design philosophy. Located in a shopping mall the gallery explores the challenges of integrating shopping experience with public and private events that promote contemporary art and architecture.

16 Oct 2012
Whale House, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Design: Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd
Toronto house
photo : borXu Design
New Toronto House
The Whale house is another spatial experiment by rzlbd, a monochromic contemporary manifesto that evolves around a central detached box painted in red standing free inside a three storey height foyer. The building appears to have swallowed the box symbolizing the contemplation space inside the spacious jaw of the whale that swallowed Jonah.

3 Oct 2012
Gallery House in Markham, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Design: Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd
House in Toronto
photo : borXu Design
Gallery House in Markham
This Toronto house is a contemporary residential structure that adapts an institutional / commercial typology in that all of the spaces have been aligned and arranged along a galleria. One can imagine that all of the served and servant areas of the house have been plugged in to this empty spine.

17 May 2012
Patio House, Nortown, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Patio House
photograph : borXu Design
Patio House Toronto
Patio House, located in the Nortown area in Toronto, Ontario, is a minimalist two-storey wood structure house, which carefully responds to three major questions: the needs of the residents, the situation of the site, and the environmental concerns. Being located in a corner lot, the building maintains a presentable façade for the residential street while controlling sun exposure from the west.

Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd, alphabetical:

5/6 House, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Toronto Residence
photograph : borXu Design

5/6 House

Charcoal House, Pape and Danforth, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
New Toronto House
image : borXu Design
Charcoal House

Shaft House, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Shaft House Toronto
image : borXu Design
Shaft House

More projects by Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd online soon

Location: C100-2901 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M2K 1E6, Canada

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