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post updated 15 Apr 2021

Andrea Maffei Architects – Key Projects

Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Turin Ice Hockey Stadium, Italy
Design: Andrea Maffei Architects
Turin Ice Hockey Stadium Italy by Andrea Maffei Architects
image from architect
Turin Ice Hockey Stadium – 6 May 2013
The project was the winner of an international competition in which we had to re-design a big area near the center of Turin (Italy) including a new ice hockey stadium for the winter Olympic games in 2006.

Bologna Central Station, Italy
Design: Andrea Maffei Architects
Bologna Central Station Building by Andrea Maffei Architects
image from architect
Bologna Central Station – 2 May 2013
The conditions of the city all round and the various infrastructures to be provided has developed the idea of the station as a tentative to string together different urban needs overlapping.

Italian Pavilion Expo 2015, Milan, Italy
Italian Pavilion Expo 2015 Milan by Andrea Maffei Architects
image from architect
Italian Pavilion Expo 2015 – 1 May 2013
The competition rules required to design five buildings aligned along the Cardo that characterizes the entire masterplan EXPO 2015 until a large circular water lake. They consist in four two-storey linear buildings that contain various exhibition spaces, market and restaurant and the Italian Pavilion itself. This had to be developed in a square area of 57.5 meters side and a maximum height of 25 meters.

CityLife Skyscraper, Milan, Italy
Design: Arata Isozaki & Andrea Maffei Architects
CityLife Skyscraper Milan by Andrea Maffei Architects
image from architect
CityLife Skyscraper – 26 Apr 2013
The project for the Endless Tower contributes to the redevelopment of the former trade fair area in Milan. The building is part of the program for the redevelopment of the historic trade fair area in Milan, the object of an international competition in 2003 by Fondazione Fiera and won by CityLife with architectural projects by Arata Isozaki, Daniel Libeskind, and Zaha Hadid.

Maranello Library, northern Italy
Design: Andrea Maffei Architects
New Maranello Library Building
photo from architect
Maranello Library
Construction of a library as a volume contained within the old building’s height limits. The site is located inside a well-established residential fabric. The project has developed starting from the definition of three main spaces, corresponding to a consulting area, a great reading room and to the multipurpose rooms.

Bergamo Province Headquarters Building, north west Italy
Design: Andrea Maffei Architects
Bergamo Province Headquarters
image from architects
Bergamo Province Headquarters Building
It’s clear that the new building for the headquarters of the province of Bergamo will certainly stand out in the urban landscape, and so it will have its own authoritative and recognizable image, but to give priority to this aspect, raises the risk of scratching its singularity and to homologate to other cities of less excellence.

ENI Exploration and Production Headquarters, Milan, Italy
ENI Exploration and Production Headquarters Milan
image : Miller Hare Limited
ENI Exploration and Production Headquarters
The site is located in area of’ ex-industrial complex in Metanopoli, the first settlement ENI created in San Donato Milanese, near Milan. With this new project is desired for a character functional, dynamic, communicative and identity, which encompasses the values and potentials of ENI.

Verbania Opera Hall, Italy
Verbania Opera Hall Building
image from architect
Verbania Opera Hall
The project objective was to create a building to transform the existing context. The form has been designed both to solve the functional needs of the theatre and to design an absolute form, which could become a new point of reference for citizens and a distinguishing element of the context around it.

New National Stadium, Tokyo, Japan – competition entry
Design: Andrea Maffei Architects
New National Stadium Tokyo
image from architect
New National Stadium Tokyo
The distribution of the main arena of the stadium follows the best way to avoid big security fire stairs and to give an easy access by the people inside the new stadium. The architects designed a main platform connecting the new stadium with the gymnasium designed by Fumiko Maki in a unique big Plaza as a City of Sport. 35,006 seats goes down from the platform and 45,163 seats rise up from it to the roof. This solution makes the circulation in the stadium very easy and comfortable from the main Plaza.

More projects by Andrea Maffei Architects online soon

Location: Via Brera 9, 20121 Milano, Italy

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Andrea Maffei offices in Milan, Lombardy, north west Italy

Andrea Maffei was graduated in architecture in Florence in 1994 with honors and, after some initial experience with the office of Massimo Carmassi in Pisa, in 1997 he moved to Tokyo to work in the atelier of Arata Isozaki.

Architect Andrea Maffei
Andrea Maffei Architects
image from architect

Initially he was engaged in the team of the Ceramics Museum in Gifu (Japan) and then as project leader in the competition the new exit of the Uffizi museum, won in March 1999. From 1999 to 2001 he was project leader of the house Wabrah Sheik Al-Thani in Doha, Qatar, and then the expansion project of the museum of history of Qatar in Doha, as well as many competitions in various parts of the world. This allows him to travel around the world and come into contact with the wider Asian and Middle Eastern cultures.

Become Associate of Arata Isozaki and leader of Italian projects, directs the design of Palahockey of Turin, a large renovation project for the 2006 Winter Olympics, now so called Palaisozaki, which has been designed with the aim of an extensive use post- Olympic and now guests concerts, conferences and other events. He also directed the project of the Olympic pool and the park of Piazza d’Armi in Torino, Italy (2002-2006) and he did the artistic supervision of these three construction sites in Turin.

In 2005 opens his own office in Milan, “Andrea Maffei Architects” developing several projects in Italy and abroad.

He wins several Italians competitions including the new high-speed trains station in Bologna (2008) and the new headquarters of the Province of Bergamo (2009), participate in the big competition for the extension of the city of Monte Carlo on the sea (2007-2008), to extend the city by the sea in the form of a peninsula with new residences, hotels, offices and museums (with A. Isozaki). He signed the project of the new exit of the Uffizi museum (2007), the new library in Maranello (2009) compleated in 2011, Imprima Buildings office project in Bergamo.

Now is working as architect signer of the Citylife project in Milan (with A. Isozaki) for the construction of a large office complex and residential area in the Old Fair. The project comprises a 207m high skyscraper, a central square of the complex with underground station, several residential buildings.

In 2011 the construction of the new library of Maranello was completed with organic glass volumes that create a new futuristic environment within the industrial archeology of an old factory. He is invited to participate in the competition’s new ENI headquarters in San Donato Milanese for over 91,500 square meters of managerial areas.

In addition to the professional activities, he writes on various architectural magazines and since 1997 is correspondent for the architecture magazine “CASABELLA”, director Prof. Francesco Dal Co, in which he publishes various projects and texts on contemporary Japanese architecture. He curated a special issue on Japan architecture in march 2000. He curates the monograph “Toyo Ito’s works, the texts, the writings” published by Electa, in 2001.

From 2000 to 2002 takes academic activity as a visiting professor of architectural design at Waseda University in Tokyo, in the course of prof. Osamu Ishiyama, as well as various conferences and seminars on architecture.


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