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post updated 16 September 2021

Amin Taha Architects News

Amin Taha Architect News, chronological:

16 Sep 2021
15 Clerkenwell Close, Clerkenwell, London, England, UK
Design: Groupwork + Amin Taha Architects
15 Clerkenwell Close London apartments
photo : Tim Soar
15 Clerkenwell Close
15 Clerkenwell Close’s non descriptive title belies the astonishing architectural triumph that dwells at the simple address, occupying a plot of land a stones throw from Clerkenwell Green. The 7 storey building is the architect’s own development comprising one or two flats per floor, a double-height architect’s studio at basement and ground and the architect’s home on the top floor.

7 Mar 2021
2017 RIBA Stirling Prize Shortlisted

21 Jul 2017
Barretts Grove, Stoke Newington, Northeast London, Southeast England, UK
Design: Amin Taha + Groupwork
Barretts Grove House in Stoke Newington by Amin Taha Architects London
photo © Timothy Soar
Barretts Grove for Nick Grant

Stirling Prize 2017 Shortlist

29 Apr 2013
Triumph Pavilion Competition Entry, London, England, UK
Triumph Pavilion Design by Amin Taha Architect
image from designer
Triumph Pavilion Competition Entry
Amin Taha Architects (ATA) have received a special mention for their Peace Pavilion design in Archtriumph’s Annual Showcase “Triumph” Pavilion.

20 Jul 2011
Phipp Street, Shoreditch / Hoxton, east London, UK
Date: 2011-
Hoxton Apartment by Amin Taha Architects
image from architects
Amin Taha Architects – Phipp Street
2,250sqft apartment designed for flexible use as a family residence, part office and gallery while maintaining vertical scale and visual interconnection. Split floor levels are carried by expressed trusses spanning the existing brick structure.

Amin Taha Architects – Key Projects

Featured Buildings / Designs by Amin Taha, alphabetical:

Calderwood Competition, Scotland, UK
Date of design: 2009
Amin Taha Calderwood Competition design
image : Amin Taha Architects
Calderwood Housing Design Contest
Design Competition Runner-up
Run by Stirling Developments – competition to design house types or a mixed-use community building for the first phase of a new village development near Edinburgh.

Cheyne Walk, London, England
Date of design: 2009-
Cheyne Walk House
image courtesy architecture practice
Cheyne Walk House
103 Cheyne Walk was originally built for a retiring Lord of the Admiralty on a gap site plot overlooking the River Thames, giving its facade the bay window and flag post arrangement designed to resemble the stern of a Man-of-War. Since then it has had additions and internal changes that have left it dark and cluttered. The architecture office were asked to look at clearing out the later additions allowing light to come into rear areas and spaces to suit more informal living patterns.

Hyde Park, London, England
Date of design: 2009-
Hyde Park Building
image from architect
Hyde Park Competition
A number of apartment and house options were suggested whose permutations could be mixed to meet the clients preferred development criteria. Sat within two conservation areas the options looked to the possibility of having to retain the existing facades. This developed to give the site a unique identity allowing them to become screens mediating the public street through a series of richer thresholds to private areas. Providing privacy yet expansive windows, light and glimpsed views.

Spa Hotel + Residential Retreat, Andalucia, Spain
Date of design: 2009-
Andalucia Spa Hotel
image from architect
Andalucia Spa Hotel
Through a competitive interview process of an international shortlist of architects that included Thomas Heatherwick and David Adjaye, ATA were selected to conduct a masterplan for this Residential Hotel Resort. The brief called for a 5** Spa hotel and 200 homes that together would create an all year round retreat community.

More architecture projects by Amin Taha online soon

Location: 15 Clerkenwell Close, London, ECR1 OAA, England, UK

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