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post updated 22 October 2023

AGi architects News

AGi Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

4 July 2022
Tamdeen Square, Mesillah, Kuwait City
Tamdeen Square in Mesillah by AGi architects
photo : Mohammad Taqi Ashkananis
Tamdeen Square Mesillah

31 March 2022
Majlis + Sameem for Expo 2020, Dubai, UAE
Majlis + Sameem for Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion
photo : Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre
Majlis + Sameem for Expo 2020 Dubai
Given the immensity of the Expo site, in its relationship with users they aim to show hospitality as a symbol of the UAE character. More than 80 colored playful structures have formed a public network of socialization spaces throughout the exhibition area, ensuring the cohesion of the public space as a place for visitors to Expo 2020.

25 Nov 2021
Wafra Living, high-rise private residences, Jabriya, Kuwait
Wafra Living Jabriya Residential Building, Kuwait
photograph : Mohammad Taqi Ashkanani
Wafra Living Jabriya Residential Building
Wafra Living‘s design by AGi architects proposes an innovative housing organization in Kuwait, a new type of multi-family living as a social response to housing needs in the country. The design is guided by the requirements contemporary life while balancing traditional norms, and reintroduces urban life to the building level.

28 Oct 2021
Mission Possible – The Opportunity Pavilion, Dubai, UAE
Design: AGi Architects
Opportunity Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai UAE
photo : Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre
Opportunity Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai
This pavilion encapsulates the concept of ‘Opportunity’: the idea that any action we take can create an impact; that anything is possible with a small step. The pavilion is a public space that allows every visitor from every corner of the planet and every walk of life to connect across age, language and culture, working together to achieve meaningful, positive change for our planet and its people.

13 Feb 2018
Nirvana Home, Mesillah, Kuwait
Nirvana Home in Kuwait by AGi architects
photography : Fernando Guerra FG+SG
New Home in Mesillah
This home is also a reflection of the culture within which it is developed. In this sense, its point of contact with the location at ground level is a public floor dedicated to socialisation, for the gathering of family and friends. With this purpose in mind, the spaces were designed to look at one another, detached from the surroundings and interconnected through a series of courtyards.

29 Jul 2017
Wind Tower Salmiya, Kuwait City
Wind Tower Salmiya Kuwait design by AGi architects
image courtesy of architects
Wind Tower Salmiya
Wafra Vertical Housing introduces a new concept to urban living that adapts to the evolving lifestyle of 21st Century contemporary Kuwait.

2 Mar 2017
Three Gardens House, Messila, Southeast Kuwait City
Design: AGi architects
Three Gardens House
photograph : Fernando Guerra FG+SG
Kuwaiti Residence
The architects “decided to stratify the external uses according to the period of the year and the hours of the day in which these activities could be developed, and accordingly we designed three gardens.”

Wall House, Khaldiya, Kuwait
Wall House Kuwit by AGi architects
picture : Nelson Garrido
Wall House in Khaldiya Residence
This property communicates with its formalized solid skin, an existing concern in the city. It is the expression of those thoughts: “the all judging peeping tom”, “windows that looks towards the place where nobody wants to be watched”, “opened facades show only false and preconceived realities”.

Hisham A Alsager Cardiac Center, Kuwait
Hisham A Alsager Cardiac Center
photograph : Nelson Garrido
Hisham A Alsager Cardiac Center in Kuwait – 19 Jan 2016
Medical buildings are usually perceived as spaces with negative connotations, specifically when referring to rehabilitation centers where patients stay for long periods of time. Therefore, in the design process of this building the aim of the architects was to change this perception and to build a positive space, one that is able to act as a hub for social activity, rather than just a medical center.

AGi architects Middle East Architect Awards News
Scenic House Kuwait by AGi architects
image : Poliedro Estudio
Architect of the Year winner + Residential Project of the Year award for Scenic House in Kuwait, located on the seashore with its own beach. The house and its gardens open on to the sea.
Scenic House in Kuwait

18 Nov 2015
AGi 2016 New Year Greeting Card Design Competition
AGi 2016 New Year Greeting Card Design Competition
image from architects
AGi Architects Greeting Card Design Competition
This initiative is part of the program of activities planned for the 10º Anniversary of the design firm in 2016. Five finalists in each category will be chosen at a first stage in order to get only one winning design in each one. The deadline for submitting proposals is open until December 4th.

General Department of the Information System, Kuwait
Design with Bonyan Design
General Department of the Information System Kuwait
image from architects
General Department of the Information System Kuwait – 5 Apr 2013
The design proposal developed by the architecture firm led by Joaquin Perez-Goicoechea, Nasser Abulhasan and Salvador Cejudo, AGi architects, in collaboration with Bonyan Design, has won the competition for the design and building of the future General Department of the Information System (GDIS), in Kuwait.

Middle East Architect Awards
Kuwait Chalet Building by AGi architects
photograph : Nelson Garrido
AGi architects Office
– AGi architects, Boutique Middle East Architecture Firm of the Year.
– AGi’s latest built project, S Cube Chalet, winner of GCC Residential Project of the Year.
– Joaquin Perez-Goicoechea, co-founder and partner of the firm, Highly Commended for Principal of the Year.

22 Jun 2012
S Cube Chalet, Kuwait
Kuwait Chalet Building
photograph : Nelson Garrido
S Cube Chalet : Beach Properties design
Building made up of three intertwined beach houses. The owners – two brothers and their sister each with their own families – want to continue enjoying the same exceptional environment in which they grew up, but with complete independency and privacy from each other.

Wafra Living, high-rise private residences, Kuwait
Wafra Living design by AGi architects
picture courtesy of architects studio
Wafra Living
The Wafra Living residential complex is 42,000 m2, offering three categories of rented apartments. The difference between them lies from the quality of finishes, type of facilities and their size. This type of exclusivity allows for a greater return on investment while at the same time breaking down the scale of the complex making it more personal to the individual resident.

BBS Preschool, Kuwait
BBS Preschool Kuwait Building
picture courtesy of architects studio
BBS Preschool
The architecture firm’s proposal for designing a bilingual preschool in Kuwait consists of two areas for different uses. On the one hand, educational facilities, including a kindergarten and a nursery, will be located in an area of 2380 sqm and, on the other hand, a residential building of 4590 sqm will house teachers.

Latest Major Building by AGi architects

29 Feb 2012
Mop House, Kuwait
AGi architects
Kuwait residence by AGi architects
picture : Nelson Garrido
House in Kuwait
The site can be accessed from either side of the surrounding streets to allow for both a private and a public entrance. After moving along a curved wall that guides the visitor from the exterior of the plot into the center, one reaches the main entrance into the house. Upon entering through the main door frame, the space opens up to reveal the swimming pool and the public living areas of the house.

AGi architects – Selected Designs

Designs by AGi architects, alphabetical:

Al-Farwania & Al-Jahra Court Complex, Kuwait
Al-Farwania & Al-Jahra Court Complex Kuwait
picture : AGi architects
Kuwaiti Court Complex

Black & White House, Kuwait
Black & White House
picture : Nelson Garrido
Black & White House Kuwait

Haj House Complex, Lucknow, India

Haj House Complex
picture : AGi architects
Haj House Lucknow

Kuwait Children’s Hospital

Kuwait Children’s Hospital
picture courtesy of architectural studio
Kuwait Children’s Hospital

Marinha Grande Swimming Pools, Portugal
Marinha Grande Swimming Pools
image from FD
Marinha Grande Swimming Pools

More buildings by AGi architects online soon

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