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Ice Casino Building Design

Institute of Polar Science Building – Cold Climate Architecture design by architects AP & Ril

1 Apr 2015

World’s First Ice Casino

Project architects: AP & Ril

First ever Ice Casino to be created on back of scientific study

Gala Casino are set to create the world’s first Ice Casino, thanks to research undertaken at the Institute of Polar Science.

Ice Casino Antarctica

In a study put together by famed arctic behavioural scientist Professor Ross Bight on behalf of Gala, the results showed that of the subjects who participated, over 76% performed better across a variety of casino based games in colder conditions.

Bight believes that the mind enters a more concentrated zone when forced to withstand a colder temperature, calling on survivors instinct and what he believes is a “to fly or to fall” mentality. Gamers were said to have become far more alert in the colder conditions, rather than slipping into a state of relaxation in a much warmer climate.

Ice Casino interior

To draw conclusions into the difference of how temperatures can affect the mind when taking part in games, Professor Bight used the IPS’s facilities and in particular, the climate controlled rooms. He asked a group of 30 participants to partake in both a game of roulette, based more around the luck of where the ball stops, and a game of blackjack, a more mathematical and analytical game, in a variety of different temperatures.

By placing heart-rate monitors onto each subject, Bight could judge how well each person coped under the pressure of the casino games whilst playing in different conditions. Through detecting the changes in beats per minute in temperatures between -5 and 22 degrees, the results showed a correlation between the winnings players were making and the climates they were subject to.

Ice Casino

After compiling his report, Bight believes gamers can “keep their cool” far better in a colder temperature, thus making the Ice Casino both a feasible and unique idea:

“We monitored the performance of the players and found significant differences when the temperature reached the lowest point. Players were concentrating more, making more calculated decisions and ultimately racking up significant winnings, compared to the games conducted in warmer temperatures.”

Scientific logic is also set to be used for the actual construction of the casino, as project architects AP & Ril are to introduce new methods and techniques to ensure the build is a success. Body temperature monitors will be placed on each of the 200-plus employees, so it can be tracked whether they are warm enough to work in a productive manner. If their temperatures drop below a certain level, the management will ask them to come into the on-site cabin to raise their body heat or put on another layer of clothing to maintain warmth.

With work set to begin in November and the opening date in the following month, the Gala Ice Casino looks set to be a piece of pioneering engineering.

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Location: Antarctica

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