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Iceberg Living Station, Antarctica

Antarctic Ice Research Facility Building design by David Garcia + MAP Architects

23 Jul 2013

Iceberg Living Station Facility Design

Design: David Garcia + MAP Architects

Location: Antarctica

Iceberg Living Station - Antarctica Design
image : MAP Architects

Iceberg Living Station Antarctica

This architectural proposal is a speculative design by David Garcia / MAP Architects (Denmark) for a future research station made entirely from ice, it negates the need to transport foreign materials to Antarctica. The station will be holed out of a large iceberg, using caterpillar excavators that are traditionally used to clear snow.

It will eventually melt, resolving the issue of removing it at the end of its life course. The building design is by David Garcia + MAP Architects.

Ice Living Station Antarctica by David Garcia + MAP Architects Ice Facility Design Antarctica by David Garcia + MAP Architects Living Station Antarctica Antarctica Ice Facility by David Garcia + MAP Architects
images : MAP Architects

Iceberg Living Station information / images from the British Council

Location: Antarctica

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Halley VI Polar Research Station Antarctica
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The MAP Architects studio is an architectural platform based in Copenhagen founded by architect David A. Garcia. The studio is active internationally, engaged mostly with projects in challenging environments.

This Danish architecture practice’s designs span through various scales and spheres of action, often challenging the status quo through inventiveness and a cross-disciplinary approach. Collaborative work with engineers and the scientific community, like our collaboration with UNESCO’s water resilience department, or NASA, is part of every project we undertake.

Architect and Associate Professor David A. Garcia graduated from The Bartlett School of Architecture. He has worked at Foster and Partners in London and has been an Associate Partner at Henning Larsen Architects in Copenhagen.

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