Bharati Research Station, Antarctica Building Development, Antarctic Architecture

Bharati Research Station, Antarctica

Antarctic Modernist Structure – design by bof Architekten + IMS

23 Jul 2013

Antarctica Research Facility

Design: bof Architekten + IMS

Location: Antarctica

Bharati Research Station - Antarctica Building
image : NCAOR

Bharati Research Station Antarctica

India’s third Antarctic research station by bof Architekten / IMS (Germany) is a striking modernist structure made from 134 prefabricated shipping containers. Wrapped in a special aluminium case its extensive glazing offers magnificent panoramic views whilst withstanding powerful winds, below 40 degree Celsius temperatures, blizzards and unfathomable loads.

Bharati Research Station Antarctica
image : NCAOR

Bharati Research Station Antarctica
image : NCAOR

Bharati Research Station Antarctica
image : NCAOR

Bharati Research Station information / images from the British Council

The name of the architectural office represents the initials of the three architects Bert Bücking, Patrick Ostrop and Ole Flemming. bof architekten was founded in Hamburg 2003.

24 July 2013
Exhibition by this German architecture practice, commissioned by the British Council and curated by the Arts Catalyst:

‘Ice Lab: New Architecture and Science in Antarctica’ is a new international exhibition that will illustrate how innovative contemporary architecture is enabling scientists to live and work in one of the most extreme environments on our planet.

The exhibition features five imaginative designs for Antarctic research stations and opens at Architecture and Design Scotland, The Lighthouse in Glasgow from 26 July to 2 October 2013.



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