The Harmony, Amsterdam mixed-use development

The Harmony Amsterdam Mixed-Use Development

Designed by Powerhouse Company the Harmony is a perfect blend of office space, commercial facilities, and affordable family homes in Amsterdam. Consisting of two distinctive elements – The Canyon and The Coast – integrated seamlessly into an architectural ensemble, it fosters a harmonious living, working, and relaxing environment

360 Degrees Building, Amsterdam, Holland

360 Degrees Building Amsterdam Holland

The residents of the Studioninedots designed 360 Degrees’ 110 living units have access to the water from the collectively accessible jetty, which will be enhanced in the future with new walkways over the Tolhuiskanaal in Amsterdam, Holland. On street side, the ground floor provides space for new retail and hospitality for the neighbourhood as it develops HQ Five Islands Restaurant HQ

Studio Modijefsky was commissioned to carry out two projects at the HQ in Amsterdam, including the interior of the 5th Floor Restaurant. There are three restaurants in the gigantic campus. On the 5th floor is the Chef’s Restaurant, where every season an expert chef is invited to create a special menu to be served here.