Van Stapele Bakery Amsterdam shop, Netherlands interior redevelopment, Dutch architecture photos

Van Stapele Bakery in Amsterdam

24 April 2024

Design: Studio Modijefsky

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Van Stapele Amsterdam

Photos by Maarten Willemstein

Van Stapele Bakery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Van Stapele: Studio Modijefsky recreates the enchanting atmosphere of a tiny shop of wonders on a grander scale

Van Stapele Bakery Amsterdam Van Stapele Bakery Amsterdam

Since 2013 Van Stapele has been baking the best cookies in Amsterdam: a single brown chocolate cookie with a heart of white chocolate. The secret recipe creates an irresistible delicacy that draws epic queues every day. Originally nestled in a tiny alley in the heart of the city, the bakery’s popularity led to it moving to a larger store a stone’s throw away. Studio Modijefsky was entrusted with ensuring that none of Van Stapele’s charm was lost in the expansion.

Van Stapele Amsterdam

Even though it was only ten years old, everything in the original location felt like it had been there much longer. The new design effortlessly captures this timelessness with a carefully considered choice of natural materials in a colour palette of brown shades and cream white colours inspired by the famous cookie.

Classic charm meets modern allure in a symphony of warm brown wood, antique brass, and intricate detailing. Elements from the old shop return in new form, like the wallpaper that is now represented in weathered stucco, as well as a curtain in the brand’s signature colours, cream white and desaturated mint. The brand’s history is further told through design elements such as the playful and interactive automated window displays showing how the cookies are made inside.

Van Stapele Amsterdam

Just as importantly, the new Van Stapele retains its predecessor’s most captivating feature: proximity to the baking process. The old shop’s cramped proportions meant that every customer got as close to this as possible without stepping into the oven. Studio Modijefsky hasnow woven its own spell so that customers in the new store can still feel that way.

Van Stapele Amsterdam

An open and inclusive set-up transports customers into the journey of every cookie from oven to hand. The store’s magic is woven into every aspect, evoking a Willy Wonka style atmosphere that creates a truly enchanting experience. Upon entering, the baking area on the left side is immediately visible thanks to a gigantic glass wall. It showcases the marble tables where the cookies are rolled, with an oven wall adorned entirely in antique brass serving as the backdrop.

Van Stapele Bakery Amsterdam Van Stapele Bakery Amsterdam

After being baked to perfection, each batch of cookies is carefully placed onto a tray in a custom-made cabinet that runs the width of the store. It contains a tapis-roulant that rolls the cookies into the shop. Once a tray is lifted off the conveyor belt, it is replaced by a fresh one from the bakery, a hypnotic procession that customers can observe while waiting for their orders to be packed.

Van Stapele Bakery Amsterdam NL

As you follow the cookie on its voyage, you edge closer to the focal point of the store: a long counter, whose white beige marble, offset by dark brown wood, signals the point where customers can get their hands on the delicious cookies, still warm from the oven.

On the right-hand side of the store is a special treat for children: a grab cabinet, for which they receive a coin upon entering. After inserting the coin, a golden cookie dough ball is set in motion on a track that curls through a model of the old shop building. When the coin reaches the end of the track, a small present appears, forging an unforgettable memory for each child.

Van Stapele Amsterdam

Despite the store’s size, the cookies’ popularity means there are still likely to be queues. Therefore, Studio Modijefsky took care to provide something to attract attention wherever your position in the queue. Look up, and you’ll see the flat ceiling has been enhanced with a series of stepped ceiling cassettes, adorned with antique mirrors and softly glowing sphere lights.

Three further chandeliers hang above the counter for a spacious effect. Look down, and you’ll see a bespoke floor that embellishes and enhances all these design elements. Inspired bynearby Dam Square and Rokin, custom-made terrazzo tiles, in a mix of different brown marbles in cream-coloured cement, form a fan pattern in tune with the local context.
Van Stapele Bakery Amsterdam

This attention to detail is inspired by the bakery’s founder, Vera van Stapele, who spent months developing the perfect recipe. She created a world full of awe-inspiring details that combineimagination and ingenuity, like integrating timers into the oven walls so that cookies can be removed and cooled at exactly the right moment to achieve the perfect combination of crunchyand chewy, and baking tables with lights on them to indicate where each cookie should be placed.

Van Stapele Bakery Amsterdam NL

The new incarnation of Van Stapele’s cookie heaven is a testament to the fusion of tradition andmodernity. With enchanting design principles at play, it radiates wonder and delight throughout, inviting customers into a world where every visit is an adventure. As a final touch, there’s a big custom-made bronze cookie on the front door. So, when all the cookies are sold out, and the store closes its doors, there will still be one beautiful cookie for everyone to enjoy.

Van Stapele Bakery Amsterdam NL

Van Stapele Bakery in Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Building Information

Architect / designer: Studio Modijefsky –
Project: Van Stapele
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Assignment: Interior design
Program: Retail & bakery & dough kitchen & office space
Status: Realised April 2024
Size: 300m2

Client: Vera van Stapele
Design: Studio Modijefsky; Esther Stam, Marit van der Gulik, Natalia Nikolopoulou, Agnese
Pellino, Maite Margalho, Mathilda Legrand, Marie Pierron, Pauline Renlef, Christel Willers

Van Stapele Bakery Amsterdam NL

Photography by Maarten Willemstein

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Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, The Netherlands, western Europe

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