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CJ5 Housing Vienna Properties

Urban Building Roof Development in Austria – suburban design by Caramel Architekten

9 Dec 2017

CJ5 Housing Wien

Architects: Caramel Architekten

Location: Vienna, Austria

CJ5 – housing in urban density, Vienna

Urban Building Roof Properties:
CJ5 Housing Vienna building facade

Photos: Hertha Hurnaus

English text (scroll down for German):

In its design for the housing project CJ5, Caramel tackles the question of sustainable urban density on the outskirts of Vienna.

CJ5 Housing Vienna

Building heights of between 4.5 and 7.5 metres are permitted for the type of building prevailing there, which allows for the construction of estates of two-storey detached or terraced houses.

CJ5 Housing in Vienna

On the one hand, they display a high individual quality of life, with adjacent gardens and terraces on the living level, but on the other hand they result in very high space requirements due to their low floor area ratio FAR (= usable living area / property area) of 0.2 to 0.4.

CJ5 Wien building design section

From an infrastructural and space-saving perspective, it would be worth striving not only for a denser flat construction style (FAR 0.4-0.8) for these areas, but also a FAR of 0.8 to1.2, which at present is only achieved by means of densely built multi-storey apartment blocks.

CJ5 Housing Vienna CJ5 Housing Vienna

With the pilot housing project CJ5, Caramel Architects have completed a project which both maintains the qualities of the single-family house, with a generous garden and terrace on the living level, and attains a FAR of 1.0.

CJ5 - Housing Vienna

It is therefore more densely constructed in comparison to a multi-storey apartment block which comprises several units, but does not have any direct connection to the exterior space.

CJ5 Housing Vienna CJ5 Housing Vienna

This has been made possible by means of a narrow floor plan layout of 5 x 35 m, with a three-sided firewall to allow the possibility of direct extension, an internal connection between the living levels, a central atrium garden and focused horizontal and vertical lighting areas.

CJ5 Housing Vienna

From the outside, one enters a relatively enclosed white spatial sculpture, which then continues to open up vertically as one proceeds from the studio / garage in the entrance area to the living area and atrium garden. In this way, an internal set of very spacious interlocking rooms is developed, despite the narrowness of the property.

CJ5 Housing Vienna CJ5 Housing Vienna

The external white cube is continued as an inner white cube in the studio / garage and in the basement cinema. In the case of the living and office area located behind, the interior and exterior are connected by means of continuous fair-faced concrete surfaces with a boarding look on the walls and ceilings, as well as continuous wooden floor coverings running in the same direction as the visual effect of the boarding on the walls.

CJ5 Housing Vienna building facade

This creates a spatial continuum which extends via the central kitchen landings as part of the landscape of the staircase (CJ5 = Cooking-Jay-5m wide) and the studio, to the bedroom area on the upper storey.

CJ5 Housing Vienna

The bathroom and toilet, which are adjoined at the side, are then respectively developed as separate islands of colour, using tiles of the smallest possible format. The ‘room in room system’ creates views through all the rooms of the living and office areas and out onto the central external element, the garden atrium.

CJ5 Housing Vienna

As far as energy is concerned, the house is almost completely independent. It supplies its own needs from photovoltaic panels on the south-facing areas of the roof, and from an air-towater heating pump. It has also been developed as a low-energy house with respect to its insulation values (heating requirements 41 kWh/m²/a).

CJ5 Housing Vienna interior design

CJ5 Housing Vienna CJ5 Housing Vienna

CJ5 Housing Vienna CJ5 Housing Vienna

CJ5 Housing Vienna

Photos: Hertha Hurnaus

CJ5 Housing Vienna images / information received 071217 from Caramel Architekten

Caramel Architekten

Location: Vienna, Austria

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