BEL & MAIN Vienna buildings, Austrian high-rise architecture photos

BEL & MAIN Vienna high-rise buildings

28 May 2021

Design: Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

Location: Vienna, Austria

BEL & MAIN Vienna, three high-rise buildings

BEL & MAIN Vienna high-rise buildings design

Photos by Paul Kranzler

An ensemble of three high-rise buildings has been completed on the basis of a competition for the development of a new district next to Vienna’s Central Station that was won by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects in 2015.

BEL & MAIN Vienna, three high-rise buildings

The buildings are connected by a base that defines the edges of the plot and lends the external appearance of the quarter a decidedly urban tone. This is reinforced by the fact that, rather than using individual gestures such as cantilevered balconies or small-scale mesh as a means of differentiating the façades of the three building elements that they developed, DMAA employed an organising grid and homogeneous colour scheme in order to combine the individual volumes into a major urban form.

BEL & MAIN Vienna, three high-rise buildings

The specific uses are revealed in the façades by the dimension, rigour and plasticity of a grid that individually structures the continuous full-height glazing. The positioning and orientation of the buildings on the plot creates optimal views in each direction. The quarter can be explored via a generous network of paths.

BEL & MAIN Vienna, three high-rise buildings

Starting from a square that is located opposite the 21er Haus, the internal courtyard develops as a sequence of increasingly private external spaces. The ground floor zone is home to a restaurant, meeting rooms and the general public and leisure areas of the hotel as well as a kindergarten, whose private open space is located on the roof of the base, which is just one storey high at this point.

BEL & MAIN Vienna Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

The 19 above-ground floors of the 60-metre-high residential tower contain 209 high-quality rental apartments with a total usable area of almost 17,000 m².

BEL & MAIN Vienna, three high-rise buildings

The hotel offers 133 studios and apartments of between 28 and 50 m². The ground-floor uses mentioned above include a foyer, a breakfast room and a bar as well as a fitness and wellness zone with pool.

BEL & MAIN Vienna Delugan Meissl Associated Architects facade

Around 17,300 m² of office space are available on the 18 above-ground floors of the office tower, with each floor being divisible into a maximum of two units of 800 to 900 m². Alongside the lobby and the above-mentioned restaurant, the ground floor of the office tower is home to flexibly usable meeting rooms.

BEL & MAIN Vienna Delugan Meissl Associated Architects tram

While a building was also realised according to plans from Coop Himmelb(l)au, the quarter is generally marked by a calm and continuously articulated formal language with great aesthetic force that is also reflected in the spatial quality and concrete materialisation of the interiors of the ensemble.

BEL & MAIN Vienna Delugan Meissl Associated Architects balcony

BEL & MAIN Vienna high-rise buildings, Austria – Building Information

Address: Arsenal/ Canettistraße, 1100 Vienna, Austria

Competition: 2015 – 1st prize
Start of planning: 09/2015
Start of construction: 03/2018
Completion: 02/2021

Floor area above ground: 42,620 m²
Gross surface area above ground: 46,497 m²
Construction volume: 167,811 m²
Site area: 7,185.64 m²
Footprint: 5,453.71 m²

Height: 60 m (housing/offices), 26 m (hotel)
Number of levels: 19 (housing), 8 (hotel), 18 (office)
Number of basements: 2

light wall at the entrance:
BEL & MAIN Vienna light wall at entrance

Project manager
Sebastian Michalski

Project team: Magdalena Czech, Bernhard Aumayr, Jan Svoboda, Daniela Hensler, Thomas Peter-Hindelang, Gerhard Gölles, Michael Lohmann, Paul Neuböck, Diogo Teixeira, Philip Beckmann, Bernd Heger, Toni Nachev

Client: Signa Holding GmbH

building facade glazing:
BEL & MAIN Vienna building facade glazing


Executive planning: Architektur Consult ZT GmbH

Project management: Proprojekt Baumanagement & Planungs GmbH

Structural engineering: Triax ZT GmbH

Landscape design: Rajek Barosch Landschaftsarchitektur

Fire protection engineering: Adsum Brand und Sicherheits GmbH

Building services engineering: ZFG GmbH

Building physics: Dr. Pfeiler ZT-GmbH

Traffic engineering: Traffix Verkehrsplanung 

Photographs: Paul Kranzler

Delugan Meissl

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Location: Vienna, Austria, central Europe

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