Der Rosenhügel Housing Vienna Building, Austrian Project Photos

Der Rosenhügel Housing Vienna

8 Oct 2020

Wohnprojekt Der Rosenhügel Wien

Design: ARGE Berger+Parkkinen architects with Christoph Lechner & Partner, Vienna

Housing project “Der Rosenhügel”

Location: border of Liesing and Hietzing, Vienna, Austria

Housing complex on the premises of the Rosenhügel Film Studios

Der Rosenhügel Housing Vienna building

Photos by Daniel Hawelka

The housing project “Der Rosenhügel” is located on the former site of the Rosenhügel film studios on the border of Liesing and Hietzing in Vienna. To emphasize the historical past of the site, the seven houses with 204 privately financed condominiums are named after international film studios.

Der Rosenhügel Housing Vienna building

A sequence of buildings differentiated by scale use the open terrain of the site to create a fine structure of flowing outdoor spaces. The point houses allow the generous park landscape to flow through up to Speisinger Straße, with a variety of views and connecting pathways. The scale of the houses blends in with the granularity of the quarter. The height development of the Rosenhügel residential complex is manageable with one ground floor plus two to four standard floors. Above this there are one or two recessed penthouses.

Der Rosenhügel Housing Vienna building

Residential project “Der Rosenhügel” more than just living space

Due to the free form of the houses, as well as the variation in the number of floors and height levels, the residential buildings offer an enormous variety with the same basic structure and economical construction method. The wide range of differentiated floor plan types is to be emphasized. The circumferential balconies lend lightness to the structures and make the boundaries of the building blur. At the same time, they create exterior spaces with a west-south-east orientation and give privacy from neighbors.

Der Rosenhügel Housing Vienna building

The apartments are between 50 and 163 square meters in size and all have outdoor spaces in form of a garden, terrace or balcony. The clod-like formations of the gardens around the houses create a gradation between public, semi-public and private open spaces. The residents are happy about a wellness area, a workshop or a room for family celebrations, dog owners about a dog washing place. The open space in the heart of the complex is an invitation for the residents to meet and experience community.

Der Rosenhügel Housing Vienna building

Der Rosenhügel Housing Vienna – Building Information

Housing complex with seven apartment buildings, 204 apartments

Engelshofengasse 6/Matthias-Hau-Gasse 7, 1230 Vienna, Austria


ARGE Berger+Parkkinen architects with Christoph Lechner & Partner, Vienna

Houses A&B: B/NT Beckmann N’Thépé, Paris


Rosenhügel Entwicklungs-, Errichtungs- & Verwertungsgesellschaft represented by Strauss & Partner Development GmbH and Immovate Projektentwicklungs GmbH

Specialist planners:

Landscape Architecture: Lindle+Bukor Studio for Landscape, Vienna

Structural engineer: Kollitsch and Stanek KS Ingenieure ZT GmbH, Vienna

Building Services: DIE HAUSTECHNIKER Technisches Büro GesmbH, Jennersdorf

Building physics: iC-consulenten ZT GmbH, Vienna

Fire protection: Alexander Kunz, Maria Enzersdorf

Der Rosenhügel Housing Vienna building

Numbers, Areas & Dates

Residential units: 204 privately financed condominiums

Apartment sizes: 50 – 163 m2

Main floor space: 16,500 m2

Gross floor area: 23,100 m2

Gross floor area: 24,920 m2

Net floor space: 21,920 m2

Gross volume: 79,745 m3

Bicycle parking spaces: 547

Car parking spaces: 239

Start of planning: 2014

Start of building: Spring 2016

Completion: May 2018

Photographs © Daniel Hawelka

Der Rosenhügel Housing Vienna images / information from Berger+Parkkinen

Location: Liesing / Hietzing, Vienna, Austria, central Europe

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