FAIR FINCH Kyiv coffee-tea boutique, Ukraine Restaurant Interior Development, Kiev Architecture Photos

FAIR FINCH coffee-tea boutique Kyiv

Contemporary Commercial Interior Design in Ukraine by YUDIN Design

23 June 2021

Architects: YUDIN Design

Location: Dragomirova St, Kiev, Ukraine

FAIR FINCH coffee-tea boutique Kyiv, Ukraine

Photos by Sergey Savchenko

FAIR FINCH coffee-tea boutique in Kyiv

FAIR FINCH is a coffee-tea boutique located in Kyiv and this year celebrates its fifth year of activity. During this time, the company has established itself as a manufacturer of freshly roasted coffee; a boutique that offers accessories, tableware for professionals and coffee lovers, besides the academy of barista.

In addition, FAIR FINCH team is one of the few in Ukraine that has established its own import of raw materials directly from the farmers in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Ethiopia, Honduras and other countries known for their coffee plantations, also participating in the purchase of auction lots and works with European green grain trends.

FAIR FINCH coffee-tea boutique Kyiv, Ukraine

Naturally, all these achievements and activities of FAIR FINCH required a certain packaging, both in terms of products and in terms of interiors. Until 2020, the company already had an idea of the brand and its stylistic features, but last year it was finalized and modernized by the famous Ukrainian twin designers Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin from YUDIN Design studio. The founders of FAIR FINCH asked the designers to develop the concept in the identity and design of the new premises – a coffee shop-boutique on Dragomirova street.

FAIR FINCH coffee-tea boutique Kyiv, Ukraine

The Brothers Yudin took into their work what was already actively used in the identity: a rich and contrasting color scheme together with the chaffinch symbol. The specialists added modern, verified and precise lines to it. The color scheme, which consisted of scarlet and bright blue, was enriched with transitions: now you can find all the nuances of red in it, as well as violet and lilac shades. The location, decorated with such expressive colors, does not look too colorful as the designers brought something from the traditions of minimalism and industrialization to it: a simple gray subtext with elements of light wood textures, black metal and simple lines.

FAIR FINCH coffee-tea boutique Kyiv, Ukraine

As a result, the interior of FAIR FINCH coffee-tea boutique is distinguished by its graphic quality, rich colors and cozy simplicity. Bright accents are used against the background of simple gray concrete textures. Colored illumination in the corporate style is scattered over the dark rough surfaces of the ceiling and floor. Spotlights in the form of thin tube-checks above the tables create a soft and enveloping atmosphere with its warmth.

FAIR FINCH coffee-tea boutique Kyiv, Ukraine

The logo can be found on a thematic illuminated frieze around the perimeter of the entire room – it looks attractively sacred and, at the same time, provides each table with additional lighting. The corporate color scheme is reflected in the form of a gradient on the glass partitions and surfaces of the bar counter. To attract attention, it was decided to put the menu on the red fragment of the glass sheet.

FAIR FINCH coffee-tea boutique Kyiv, Ukraine

The seats in the establishment are ergonomically and reasonably divided into two parallel broken lines: a line with soft sofas and, on the contrary, a bar seating option with high tables and chairs. This provided more free space in a relatively compact space and comfortable working conditions for staff. Vladimir and Aleksandr Yudin, at the planning stage, provided for the division of zones according to their purpose: the boutique zone is separated from the seating area of the guests, just as the customer service of the boutique is separated from the bar!

Especially for the accessories and the home-roasted coffee from FAIR FINCH, the Brothers Yudin have designed a convenient showcase made of light wood. For the decoration of the concrete walls, it was decided to use soft wall panels combined with the seats, as well as the oak wood panels that go into the tables. Small blotches of color in the form of multi-colored pillows complete the picture.

Interestingly, the designer chairs created by YUDIN Design for FAIR FINCH have a base that resembles a cage. This complements the theme of the institution, the main symbol of which is the chaffinch, and also creates a theatrical play of shadows in space.

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FAIR FINCH coffee-tea boutique Kyiv, Ukraine – Building Information

Project name: FAIR FINCH coffee-tea boutique
Format: coffee bar, tea and coffee boutique
Location: Kyiv, Dragomirova st.
Year of completion: 2020
Area: 80 m2
Interior and brand identity authors: Aleksandr Yudin, Vladimir Yudin – YUDIN Design studio

Photographer: Sergey Savchenko
Text: Marco Barbera

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +380 673140580
Website: www.yudindesign.com
Instagram: @yudindesign

FAIR FINCH coffee-tea boutique Kyiv, Ukraine images / information received 090120

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

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