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Silenza Boutique Kyiv Store

Contemporary Retail Interior Ukraine: Women’s Lingerie Shop – design by Dreamdesign Architects

21 Jul 2017

Silenza Boutique in Kiev

Architects: Dreamdesign

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

A new women’s lingerie boutique in Kyiv

Silenza Boutique Kyiv Store | Silenza Boutique Kyiv Store |

Photos: Andrey Avdeenko

Author of the new store of Silenza network of stores that sells women’s lingerie is architectural studio Dreamdesign (Kyiv, Ukraine), known for its love for simple luxury, sensual textures, and subtextual meanings.

Silenza Boutique Kyiv Store |

The architects have created a beautiful space while avoiding the usual clichés. They were able to attain the necessary mood with the help of expressive visual solutions and charming lighting effects.

Silenza Boutique Kiev Store Interior | Silenza Boutique Kiev Store Interior |

From the moment you enter, the interior attracts with color combinations and the unity of opposites. The boutique boasts well-thought style, inspired by femininity and eroticism, and is at the same time expressive and comfortably relaxed.

Silenza Boutique Kiev Store Interior |

“When a woman comes into a lingerie boutique, she should feel exceptional, feel that she is unique, liberated, and desired. The surrounding atmosphere should psychologically and aesthetically contribute to this. We were aiming to create a balanced interior with hidden meaning — not vulgar, but elegant, feminine, and sophisticated,” architect Elena Dobrovolskaya says.

Silenza Kiev Shop Interior | Silenza Kiev Shop Interior |

The interior was inspired by eternal values — love, internal balance, accepting yourself and your uniqueness. The concept of the chosen style is based on visual contrasts — light and dark, straight angles and smooth lines, cold metal surfaces and warm textile.

Silenza Kiev Shop Interior | Silenza Kiev Shop Interior |

The boutique has three zones with different purposes: a shopping hall, a space for resting and waiting, and changing rooms. The linear elements in ceiling, wall, and furniture decorations emphasize the smooth lines of a female silhouette. Mirror surfaces, reflections and interchange of light and shadows create some optical illusions and contribute to visual transformations of the space.

Silenza Kiev Shop Interior | Silenza Kiev Shop Interior |

Dimmed light makes the visitors feel contemplative, the mirrors inspire them to experiment with their style, and powdery shades and tactile velvet encourage them to feel relaxed.

Silenza Boutique Kiev Store Interior |


Ukrainian architectural company Dreamdesign is the most developing Ukrainian company realizing the projects not just in the Ukraine but in Europe as well. It is a winner of SBID, IIDA and European Property Awards.

Silenza Boutique Kyiv Store | Silenza Boutique Kyiv Store |

Silenza Boutique Kiev – Building Information

Photos: Andrey Avdeenko
Design: Dreamdesign (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Architects: Elena Dobrovolska and Yana Temertey
Store window designer: Liubov Kucheriava
Project size: 110 sqm
Project year: 2017

Silenza Boutique Kyiv Store |

Silenza Boutique Kyiv Store images / information received Jul 17

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

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