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post updated 23 May 2021

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22 Jan 2021
Tenderness is Tender – Beauty Salon By Magic, Kyiv
Interior: Vilchinskaya Design Bureau
Beauty Salon by Magic Kyiv
photograph : Andrey Bezuglov
Beauty Salon By Magic, Kyiv
A design project for a beauty salon with an area of 120 sqm was implemented by the interior design studio Vilchinskaya Design Bureau in a new building in 2020.

30 Oct 2020
EQ by Andrey Sokruta, Kyiv
Architecture: Andrey Sokruta, Andrey Sokruta Workshop
EQ by Andrey Sokruta, Kyiv House
photo : Andrey Sokruta
EQ by Andrey Sokruta, Kyiv house
The architecture was intended to be modern and functional. The interior was supposed to be as neutral as possible, but stylish and attractive. It was important to strike a balance and not go too far in the direction of too pretentious minimalism, to avoid particulars.

29 Jun 2020
Cube House, Bucha, Kyiv Oblast
Architecture: Yakusha Design
Cube House Bucha Kyiv Oblast - Ukraine property news
image courtesy of architects
Cube House in Bucha, Kyiv Oblast
A house for the young family with two kids who leads an active lifestyle. Actually while they were choosing the design of their house they found out about one more baby coming soon.

5 Jun 2020
Vatra House, Kiev
Architecture: OSOBA design workshop
Vatra House Kyiv Ukraine architecture news
photo : Serhii Kadulin
Vatra House in Kyiv
Vatra (Ukr. ватра) — is a guardian fire. It is a source of warmth and a symbol of home. It is a sign that calls for safety and wisdom. It is light to go toward.

14 Apr 2020
Blackstone Apartment in Kyiv

9 Jan 2020
ITALIST Prosecco Bar / Restaurant, Kiev
Architects: YUDIN Design
Italist Prosecco Bar Kyiv - Ukraine architecture news
photo : Sergey Savchenko
ITALIST Prosecco Bar Kyiv
The ITALIST Prosecco Bar / Restaurant is the first bar of the new Italian restaurant chain ITALIST Family in Kyiv. Twin designers Vladimir and Alexander Yudin were invited to the project as active participants and conceptors.

Ukraine Architecture News 2019

Ukraine Architecture News 2019

10 Dec 2019
TAKAVA 2.0 Coffee-Buffet

27 July 2019
TAKAVA, Velyka Vasylkivska Street, 43/16, Kiev
Architects: YUDIN Design
TAKAVA coffee-buffet Kyiv, st. Velyka Vasylkivska
photograph : Sergey Savchenko
TAKAVA coffee-buffet is an atmospheric coffee shop in the center of Kiev, the brand, the interior and exterior of which were created by designers Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin.

27 July 2019
Bergamot family Italian restaurant Kyiv, Zaporizhia, st. Victory, 59, Kiev
Architects: YUDIN Design
Bergamot family Italian restaurant Kyiv
photograph : Sergey Savchenko
Bergamot Italian Restaurant
The owners of the restaurant relied on the studio YUDIN Design to create an interior that would match the offerings of their cuisine – urban food (burgers, wings), sushi, Italian cuisine, kids menu.

24 Mar 2019
Kyiv Apartment Interior Design

9 Jan 2019
REBERBAR Pub, Velyka Vasylkivska Street, 13/1, Kiev, Ukraine
Architects: YUDIN Design
Reberbar in Kyiv - Ukraine architecture news
photograph : Sergey Savchenko
Designed over 350 sqm on two floors for 150 seating places, an interior design and brand identity.

14 Dec 2018
UKRBUD Kiev Offices Building

12 Dec 2018
Tower Apartment in Kyiv

4 Nov 2018
Architecture of the Future Conference Ukraine

24 Oct 2018
Pushka Apartment

21 Oct 2018
P26 Apartment

3 Aug 2018
Two-storey Apartment in Kiev Downtown
Design: Dreamdesign Architects
Apartment in Kyiv Downtown by Dreamdesign
image from architects
Two-storey Apartment in Kiev Downtow
A two-storey apartment is located in Kyiv downtown, in the house built in the last century by a famous architect Joseph Karakis.

25 Apr 2018
Podil Masterplan Proposal
Architects: OMGEVING
Podil Masterplan in Kiev - Ukraine architecture news
image from architects
Podil Masterplan in Kiev
The Antwerp-based design office Omgeving has won the international design competition for the public areas of the new Podil site in Kiev. The jury chose OMGEVING from five nominated candidate design teams from Australia, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium and Germany.

16 + 15 Mar 2018
National Memorial to the Heavenly Hundred Heroes and Revolution of Dignity Museum in Kyiv

We post two links below with information about the competition results for the ‘National Memorial to the Heavenly Hundred Heroes and Revolution of Dignity Museum in Kyiv’, for publication consideration. We share the results of the 1st stage of the competition:

National Memorial to the Heavenly Hundred Heroes and Revolution of Dignity Museum in Kyiv

The 2nd stage of the Maidan Museum competition will be concluded end of June 2018.

5 Feb 2018
Lavina Mall, Kiev Retail
Architects: AVG architecture
Lavina Mall, Kiev Retail
image courtesy of architects
Lavina Mall, Kiev Retail
Winner of various international awards including shortlisting in Best Retail Interior Europe, plus a Best Retail Interior Ukraine nomination. The shopping and entertainment center Lavina Mall was opened on the 1st of December 2016.

12 Aug 2017
Artistic Residence Interior
Architects: Dreamdesign
Kyiv Apartment Interior Design
photo : Andrey Avdeenko
Kyiv Apartment Interior Design
The surrounding urban context became a starting point for the interior of a Kyiv apartment. The apartment building is located in Kyiv, in a historical quarter with deep history.

21 Jul 2017
Silenza Boutique in Kiev
Architects: Dreamdesign
Silenza Boutique Kiev Store Interior |
photo : Andrey Avdeenko
Silenza Boutique Kyiv Store
Author of the new store of Silenza network of stores that sells women’s lingerie is architectural studio Dreamdesign (Kyiv, Ukraine), known for its love for simple luxury, sensual textures, and subtextual meanings.

26 Jan 2017
TSUM Department Store, Khreschatyk St, 38, Kiev
Architects: Benoy
TSUM Department Store Ukraine Architecture News
photo © Esta Holding
TSUM Department Store in Kiev
TSUM, the iconic department store in the heart of Kiev, Ukraine has been reimagined internally and externally by Benoy as the Architect, Interior Designer, Visualiser and Brand Applicator.

13 Dec 2016
New School Building in Kiev
Architects: Dreamdesign
New School Ukraine Architecture News
photography : Andrey Avdeenko
New School in Kiev
Elena Dobrovolskaya and Dream Design Studio designed an uncommon primary school. They created an optimistic environment where children not only acquire knowledge but also learn about the world.

12 Dec 2016
Maison de Charme
Architects: Dreamdesign
Maison de Charme Ukraine Architecture News
photography : Igor Karpenko
Maison de Charme, Kiev
The house is designed like an open space with high ceilings and large square area that allowed for playing with scale, proportions, and geometry. The first thing that draws attention in the living room are the ceilings, which are high enough to accommodate an impressive fireplace.

26 Nov 2016
Commemorative Monument for Freedom Square, in front of the Derzhprom Building
Derzhprom Building Kharkiv - Ukraine Architecture News
photo : Ivan Avdeenko:
Derzhprom Building Kharkiv Monument Competition
Information from Bohdan Volynskiy architect: Built by architects Sergei Serafimov, S.Kravets and M.Felger it was to become the tallest structure in Europe for its time. A group of architectural grassroots organizations and proactive architectural community from Kharkiv, Ukraine are trying to share their concerns with the global architectural community.

3 Oct 2016
Mehr Khaneh (Sun House)
Design: Studio Persian Primavera & Keivani Architects
Mehr Khaneh Kiev - Ukraine Architecture News
photo : Sergey Savchenko
Mehr Khaneh Kiev Sun House
The interior architecture project is located in one of the apartment blocks of a residential complex in Kiev. During the design, the architects considered two essential factors to develop the concept of Mehr Khaneh interior design.

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