Shinjuku Miyabi Guest House, Tokyo Hotel, Commercial Japanese Facade and Interior, Architecture Images

Shinjuku Miyabi Guest House in Tokyo

Hotel Interior and Exterior Renovation Project, Japan – design by Himematsu Architecture

9 Dec 2019

Shinjuku Miyabi Guest House

Architects: Himematsu Architecture

Location: 4-27-15 Yotsuya Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0004

Shinjuku Miyabi Guest House Tokyo Shinjuku Miyabi Guest House Tokyo

Shinjuku Miyabi Guest House is located is near Shinjuku Gyoen, traditional Japanese garden and Shinjuku Station you can use train, bus to get to many tourist spots in Tokyo & Suburb. It is very convenient area for tourists in Tokyo.

Shinjuku Miyabi Guest House Tokyo

In 2020, Olympics will be held in Tokyo.
Japan aims to become a “Tourism-Oriented Country” to accept 40 million tourists from around the world in 2020.
It causes a shortage of hotels in Japan everywhere, even Tokyo has also same problem. Japan tries to solve it by increasing the number of hotels for tourists from all over the world. It can be said this hotel (Shinjuku Miyabi Residence) is one of the solutions for the social problem Japan is facing. This hotel is expecting guests mainly from Europe, USA, Asia, non-Japanese as targets, so that the design needs to attract them by Japanese culture.

Shinjuku Miyabi Hotel Tokyo

Himematsu Architecture selected “Hemp Leaf” as concept for the symbol of the hotel.
Hemp has very strong growing force and rapid growth speed as seen in nature.
Traditionary, hemp leaf pattern has been used for clothes for newborn baby in Japan.
This hotel has hemp leaf pattern on its façade in same meaning.
Himematsu Architecture wish this hotel will grow and develop with many travelers who enjoy Japanese culture from around the world.

Shinjuku Miyabi Hotel Tokyo

Façade Panels
Façade panels were made of 2mm thin aluminum in baking finish hardening property.
The biggest size of one aluminum panel is 1350mm x 2728mm.
Aluminum panels were attached to aluminum frame which is welding to steel structure.
Panels have hemp leaf patterns created by triangle hole with laser cut technique.
Lighting is set in 150mm space between ALC outer wall and aluminum panel to highlight hemp leaf pattern from backside.
In 3rd floor, guest room has balcony, which has handrail made of aluminum panels.

Display panels
At the entrance of the hotel, there are checker pattern lattice panels made by painted pine.
It functions display for objects regarding Japanese culture. Default panels contain many split bamboos with lighting. The other panels allow to be insert something Japanese between 2 acryls, for example Ukiyoe Painting and red leaves of Japanese maple.

Shinjuku Miyabi Guest House Tokyo

Lacquered Floor
Floor is Lacquered AKAMATSU, one of the highest quality wood materials in Japan.
Refined & luxury space has been realized by pleasant feel texture of black glossy lacquered wood.

Shinjuku Miyabi Hotel Tokyo

Cost reduction by CO2 controller
Each guest room has CO2 controller, AIR POLLUTION DEGREE DETECTOR, which operates ventilator when CO2 concentration exceeds standard value in a guest room.
It restrains temperature change so that air conditioner doesn’t need to work more than necessary. The system realizes cost reduction of air conditioner electrical charges.

Shinjuku Miyabi Guest House Tokyo

Humidity Conditioning Function by Interior Wall
Whole interior wall in this hotel has humidity conditioning function.
Interior wall has wood chip to absorb moisture when air in the room become humid and emit moisture when the air become too dry. The wall keeps air appropriate humidity.

Shinjuku Miyabi Guest House, Tokyo – Building Information

Architect: Himematsu Architecture

Shinjuku Miyabi Hotel Tokyo

Structural Design: Kume Structural Research & Development Office
Facility Design+Construction : C.H.C System
Constructor: O’hara Architectural and Construction

Location: 4-27-15 Yotsuya Shinjuku-ku Tokyo Japan 160-0004
Program: Hotel
Total Floor Area: 132 square meters
Completion: April 2019

Shinjuku Miyabi Hotel Tokyo

Photography: Kota Nakatake & Shinichiro Himematsu

Shinjuku Miyabi Guest House in Tokyo images / information received 091219

Location: Tokyo, Japan

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