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Apartments With Dialogues in Tokyo

13 June 2024

Architects Ryuichi Sasaki/Ryuichi Sasaki Architecture

Location: Shinjuku City, Tokyo, Japan

Apartments With Dialogues Japan


Apartments With Dialogues, Japan

Apartments With Dialogues rests atop one of the hill expansions in Tokyo, specifically the geographically elevated Ichigayadaimachi area located in the Shinjuku ward, is the site of this architectural project.

Apartments With Dialogues Japan Housing

This project is part of a series called the Square Series: its design of large window frame square-shaped openings and other structures taking the shape of a square — is the key feature of the design. In addition, an abstract canvas of the facade is created using diverse materials that are mixed in various techniques, which are then applied to the two buildings’ facades in ornamental fashion, while also reflected in the overall exterior composition of the two structures. In essence, this very design mimics the undulated pathways surrounding the buildings — a unique feature of the two buildings engaging simultaneously with their surrounding environment.

Apartments With Dialogues Japan

Apartments With Dialogues Japan

However, the two architectural structures not only reflect their environment but also engage with each other. At a glance they may seem identical, but that is not so. The diagonal division line outlined between the two structures with a narrow pathway, a play with the concept of abstract expressionism, creates two separate spatial zones.

Apartments With Dialogues Tokyo Japan

Apartments With Dialogues Tokyo Japan

This project consists of two RC (reinforced concrete) buildings that are each planned with four storeys above the ground level and with one below, the basement floor. Both fair-faced concrete-designed facades are made up of several square-shaped opening frameworks, outlined with various materials such as the hot-dip galvanized steel plates, giving it a shining surface while also outlining the windows that are aligned horizontally and diagonally across the walls. This arrangement of the openings captures the movement within the square framework — overall projecting an image of a dynamic balance in the project’s composition.

Apartments With Dialogues Tokyo

Apartments With Dialogues Tokyo

The elevated position of the building on the left, suggests a sort of dialogue in relation to the lower right building — the different arrangements of the two structures seem to give them each their own character: the proportions and orientations of the RC walls of the two buildings and the openings’ arrangements are slightly different, essentially giving each building a different personality that overlaps with the other, similar to the concept of a conversation.

Apartments With Dialogues Tokyo Japan

Apartments With Dialogues Tokyo Japan

Though each building is one whole structure on its own, various parts have different functions. For instance, the first floor above the ground level and the lower basement floor with walk-in closet areas, connected by staircases, are maisonettes with balcony functioning areas and natural light-filled living room spaces.

Apartments With Dialogues Tokyo

The upper floors from the second to the fourth floor above the ground level are composed of one studio and a one-bedroom apartment — which also includes a combined living, dining, and a separate kitchen area — on each of the floor levels. Due to the construction restrictions on the north side of the left building, the fourth floor could not be completed. Instead, unlike its counterpart, the third floor was built with a higher ceiling.

Apartments With Dialogues Tokyo Japan

The studio’s layout design includes a walk-in closet on every floor, specifically installed with a self-supporting wall, intentionally not meeting the ceiling and leaving more space closer to the ceiling — an intent in creating an expanding flow of space within the room, as the studio measures to less than 20m².

Apartments With Dialogues Tokyo Apartments With Dialogues Japan

The larger one-bedroom apartment is designed to have four sliding doors, separating the bedroom from the living room area, while also allowing for a larger area of space when kept open: a flexible feature with which a sense of openness and freedom of space is achieved in the main living room area.

Apartments With Dialogues Japan

Architects: Ryuichi Sasaki/Ryuichi Sasaki Architecture –

Apartments With Dialogues Tokyo

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Location: Shinjuku City, Tokyo, Japan, eastern Asia

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