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Kuo Yang Tien Mu : Taipei City Apartment Block

Taiwanese Residential Building design by Chin Architects

28 Dec 2012

Kuo Yang Tien Mu in Taipei City

Design: Chin Architects

Taipei City Apartment Block design:
Kuo Yang Tien Mu - Taipei City Apartments

At Kuo Yang Tien Mu, which is located at an important urban junction in Taipei, Taiwan, Chin Architects attempt to transform the building envelope that protects the residents’ private lives into a meaningful public city façade. The architecture is to initiate an intriguing dialogue with the disordered built environment through a unique yet contemporary gesture. The design wishes to break away from the typical mundane and repetitive urban residential housing, and express a vibrant city life specific to Taipei City instead.

In response to the urban scale, a horizontal band in white crystallized glass panel clearly defines the residential and the commercial programs. The band then turns vertically to become an urban lighting wall that hopefully will redefine the boundary of Tien Mu area in both day and night. The elevation on the East side uses white cracked-ice glaze mosaic and black stone mosaic to form a modern representation of vertical village on an 80 meter long city wall.

Kuo Yang Tien Mu in Taipei City Taipei City Building Taipei City Residential Building

The building envelope with various protruding white frames becomes the in-between interface involves an individual with the city. The frames with depth not only provide the necessary sun screen, but the resulting visual artistry also evokes imagination. While the frames embrace and display urban life, they also keep private life away from environment with a proper yet ambiguous distance. On the West side, the service core is expressed by 6 vertical heavy walls with lanterns on top. They lit up at night to enrich the city skyline, and to provide guiding direction for the residents from Zhi Shan MRT station.

Kuo Yang Tien Mu Apartments Taipei City Apartments Taipei Building by Chin Architects Taipei Residential Building

Taipei City Apartments – Building Information

Architect: Chin Architects
Design Team: I-Ju Chin, Hung-I Lin, Hung-Nan Chu (principal-in-charge), Mu-Chen Chan, Shen-Hung Chiang, Hsin-Hui Cho, Wan-Ju Chang
Clients: Kuo Yang Constructions
Building Contractor: Continental Engineering Corporation
Location: Tien Mu, Taipei, Taiwan
Project Year: 2012
Site Area: 2,751 m²

Photographs: Jeffrey Cheng

Kuo Yang Tien Mu in Taipei City Apartment Block images / information from Chin Architects

Location: Kuo Yang Tien Mu, Taipei, Taiwan, eastern Asia

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