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Taipei Music Box, Taiwan

House of Music Taipei – design by Xrange

28 Apr 2010

House of Music Taiwan

(under construction)

Architect: Xrange, Taipei, Taiwan

House of Music Taipei Building in Taiwan by Xrange

Images : Xrange

House of Music House of Music Taiwan

Project Description

The “Music Box“, a mini-auditoria space or for music and performance, is designed as the central focus in the House of Music for 2 musicians. A vertical sound and light channel linking all the floors, the music box allows the couple’s creative synergy to happen throughout the entire house so they can still work together between any of the floors even when they’re engaged in different activities.

House of Music House of Music House of Music

Compose of 375 wood panels tilted either left, right, up or down, the music box provides a shallow (due to the super small site) yet rich texture undulation that breaks up echoes, and transmit the sound of music throughout the tower. At private areas like bedrooms and bathrooms, the walls of the music box become a louver system so music can be “shut off” when desired. The wooden Music Box becomes a musical instrument itself, while the concrete tower structure acts as a reverberation space for music.

The skin of the house is treated as a sheet of music. The windows form its own rhythm and texture without any hierarchy of room sizes or uses, while the construction joints of the wood molds articulates staff-like horizontal lines on the concrete tower.

A wine cellar with a capacity of 2,000 bottles occupies the basement. Its curvy, undulating form alludes to a swirling glass of wine illuminated in a purple haze: the clients’ favourite drink rendered in their favourite colour.

House of Music House of Music House of Music

House of Music Taipei images / information from Xrange, Taiwan

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