Sewage Pumping Station in Copenhagen

Sewage Pumping Station, Copenhagen Building, Danish Infrastructure System Architecture Sewage Pumping Station Danish Sustainable Treatment Works Development – design by C. F. Møller architects 21 Apr 2015 Sewage Pumping Station in Copenhagen Design: C. F. Møller, architects Location: Kløvermarksvej, Copenhagen, Denmark Green and sustainable overall concept Denmark’s largest sewage pumping station on Kløvermarksvej in Copenhagen will set new … Read more

Lune de Sang Sheds in NSW

Lune de Sang Sheds

Architects: CHROFI. The vision is exceptional in that rather than planting a fast growing crop, various hardwoods of the region have been chosen to establish a rainforest landscape that will take generations to mature. The hardwoods will be tended to maturity and then selectively harvested, the long lifespan of the trees meaning a wait of between 50 and 300 years before the various species fully mature.

BP Upstream Learning Centre – Sunbury Building

BP Upstream Learning Centre Sunbury, BAM Construct London, Building, Development BP Upstream Learning Centre : Sunbury Building International Centre for Business and Technology, London, England – design by Broadway Malyan Architects 29 Jan 2013 BP Upstream Learning Centre Building Construction starts on Broadway Malyan’s latest project for BP, south west London, UK Design: Broadway Malyan … Read more