Businesspark Breitensee in Vienna, Austria

Businesspark Breitensee, Vienna Work Space Building, Austrian Architecture Images

Businesspark Breitensee Vienna

Commercial Building Development in Austria design by HOLODECK architects

12 Nov 2016

Businesspark Breitensee

Design: HOLODECK architects

Location: Vienna, Austria

Businesspark Breitensee by HOLODECK architects

Businesspark Breitensee

Based upon winning the 1st prize in the preceding competition HOLODECK architects develop a new interpretation of the existing inner-city industrial location Breitensee in terms of urban planning as well as with regard to densification.

Businesspark Breitensee Businesspark Breitensee

The transformation from mere production facilities to an homogeneous mixed-use location equipped to cover a wide range of requirements of e.g. manufacturing plants, IT businesses, creative industries or media representatives represents a structural challenge for the architects and calls for a specific approach.

Businesspark Breitensee design by HOLODECK architects

The interpretation of the industrial estate results in the new design of the Wirtschaftspark Breitensee. In its compacted location various premises, existing and newly built to cover a total of approximately 25,000 sqm, offer commercial and office facilities with direct access to an underground car park as well as spacious communication areas and diverse open spaces.

Businesspark Breitensee Austria

The objective is to strengthen and to consolidate the inconsistent existing building complex by implementation of the new building.

Businesspark Breitensee Vienna

The analysis of tractory curves influences the design process in order to thematically arrange the building’s volumes and the open areas. With reference to densification optimum logistics and supplies are striven for.

The bridge accommodating a separate office unit connects the new with the existing and continues to form a two-storey roof extension on top of the existing Wilhelminian commercial building that constitutes the conclusion of the building complex towards the Goldschlagstrasse.

Commercial Building Development in Austria design by HOLODECK architects

Commercial Building Development in Austria design by HOLODECK architects

An essential point of focus involves the creation of a particular open plan atmosphere with maximum room height (approx. 3.28m throughout the new buildings) and two-sided exposure to natural light. The choice of materials and their processing follows a ‘craftsmanship approach’ to produce a connection with the historical production site and to achieve an atmosphere that is specific for this location.

The same applies to the execution of the office and production facilities in the sense of a reference to the classic industrial warehouse. M&E conducts and wiring are therefore deliberately kept exposed.

Businesspark Breitensee Building

The building design is developed according to a consciously chosen low tech approach involving high quality building components and durable materials. The building represents a sustainable conception with regard to choice of material and adaptability and features a high flexibility space management.

In this regard the concept of a high quality curtain walling facade construction (low energy rating, direct/indirect light control, exterior sun protection sliding panels, openable windows) acts as a fundamental factor. The façade towards the residential building that covers a length of approx. 70m north of the Wirtschaftspark is divided into small sections and is designed to express equability.

Continuing into the existing courtyard, the rhythm of the façade patterns changes in accordance to the inconsistent appearance of the surrounding existing buildings to show alterations in proportions and arrangement.

Vienna property design by HOLODECK architects

The interior construction includes the thermal activation of the exposed concrete building elements (abstinence of suspended ceilings and raised floors) in order to minimize operating costs. Solar energy ingress is minimized, while a specific open office atmosphere is created.

A glass roof patio area is located in the centre of the new building to serve as a communal area for the staff, improving crosscompany communication. Furthermore, the double height (1st – 3rd floor) space can be used for internal events and will also be available for external activities, possibly in combination with the ground floor catering facilities.

Businesspark Breitensee design by HOLODECK architects Businesspark Breitensee

On top of the Wilhelminian commercial building duplex units with individually allocated exterior areas are introduced, offering the option for office or studio usage. The units located inside the existing parts of the courtyard have partially been redeveloped and have additionally been equipped with balconies or sun rooms.

Businesspark Breitensee Businesspark Breitensee

Businesspark Breitensee in Vienna – Building Information

Year: 2007 – 2015
Location: Vienna, Austria
Client: Wien Holding, Vienna
Architect: HOLODECK architects
Project Team: Marlies Breuss, Michael Ogertschnig, Hannes Zergoi, Niels Merschbrock, Johannes Müller, Stefanie Gänger, Sven Klöcker, Jiri Huske, Stefanie Gänger, Kieu Giang Hoang
Collaboration: VASKO+PARTNER, Vienna CD Consult, ViennaLAUBlab, Vienna
Gross Floor Area: 30300 sqm
Building Area: 9900 sqm

Businesspark Breitensee

Photography © Wolfgang Thaler

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Location: Vienna, Austria

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