Romo Printing shop & photo studio

Romo Printing shop & photo studio Silao, Guanajuato Building, Mexico Architecture, Architect, Images

Romo Printing shop & photo studio

Mexican Building in Silao, Guanajuato – design by Claudio & Christian Gantous

3 Jan 2016

Romo Printing shop & photo studio in Silao

Location: Silao de la Victoria, Guanajuato, Mexico

Design: Claudio & Christian Gantous, Architects

Romo Printing shop & photo studio in Guanajuato

Romo Printing Shop & Photo Studio by Claudio & Christian Gantous is Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2014 – 2015.

Romo Printing shop & photo studio


Printing shop & photo studio

architecture and nature seamlessly blended

One of the firm’s most challenging architectural innovations. The owner of a successful industrial printing press approached GA with a vision almost never seen in the sector: a plant whose cutting-edge technology included architecture designed to enhance worker inspiration and quality-of-life. That the architecture be iconic was another requirement, yet within a framework of highly cost-efficient modern industrial construction techniques. Siting was intensely studied to take advantage of light and natural energies. Ultimately, the structure emerges as a part of the landscape, blurring the line between the natural and built environments, and soaring views from the factory floor are no less spectacular than those from the executive suite.

Romo Printing shop & photo studio

In consequence with the clients’ philosophy regarding the growth and well being of all their employees, as well as their conviction in service excellence and total quality of process and production, Gantous Arquitectos developed a design which would break with the conventional industrial paradigm. The project’s layout took advantage of the existing topography to gradually ascend to a large plaza, where architecture meets natural landscape and give way to a single entrance for all personnel, executives and visitors. Once inside, the entire production plant and office spaces enjoy unobstructed views of a breathtaking, semi-desert valley and mountain range, providing users of an inspiring work environment.

The project was designed to be built within an Industrial Park located in Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico. The project was developed in Mexico City, starting in January and completed in November 2012.

Architecture, Building and Structure Design

Romo Printing shop & photo studio

Despite the project’s innovative design, a conventional structural building system for industrial architecture was implemented in order to keep construction costs in check. Steel columns, metallic beams and joists spanning 12 to 14 meters, covered by a roofing system composed of a structural metallic deck, vapor retarder, polyisocyanurate insulation board, coated fiber glass gypsum roof board, and Sarnafil G Membrane. Flooring was specified in leveled polished concrete. North facing facade was treated as a large structural glass wall. The other facades were specified with tilt top prefabricated textured concrete, emulating corrugated metal sheet.

Total built area: 13,621 square meters

Romo Printing shop & photo studio

Romo, printing shop, photo studio, printing, photo, architecture and nature seamlessly blended

Research was directed towards three main aspects: 1. The clients’ needs and expectations as well as their production process and future growth. 2. The location of the site, its topography, surroundings, endemic vegetation and the area’s year round weather conditions. 3. Industrial architecture building systems, building codes and regulations and possible sustainable systems. Said research resulted in a functional, innovative, sustainable and economically feasible building which is harmoniously integrated to the site.

Romo was conceived as the blending of a semi-desert landscape with progressive industrial architecture to house a top of the line printing shop and photo studio. Gantous Arquitectos’ main challenge consisted in creating a functional yet iconic industrial building minimizing its visual impact by integrating the architecture to the site’s natural topography and endemic vegetation. This was achieved by merging the roof’s design and the natural landscape in one continuous expanse that is infused with a mosaic of modular flower beds and photovoltaic solar panels.

Romo Printing shop & photo studio

Christian Gantous and Claudio Gantous

Image#1: Flow Illustrator/aerea celdas, 2012
Image#2: Flow Illustrator/acceso 2, 2012
Image#3: Flow Illustrator/ventanal, 2012
Image#4: Flow Illustrator/aerea estanque,2012
Image#5: Flow Illustrator/celdas, 2012

A’ Design Awards & Competition

Romo Printing shop & photo studio in Silao Building images / information from A’ Design Awards

Location: Silao, Guanajuato, México, North America

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