F.3 Fellbach aquatic centre, Pool & Sauna

F.3 Fellbach

F.3 Fellbach aquatic centre, neat Stuttgart, Germany, surrounding landscape forms guiding theme for 4a Architekten in shape and design. The new F.3 family and recreational aquatic centre in Fellbach: 4a Architekten have transferred the three separate areas – the sports area with indoor pool and open-air pool, the adventure pool and the sauna world.

Tignespace Building Savoie: Tarentaise Valley, France

Tignespace Building, Tarentaise Valley Development, Savoie Architecture Tignespace, Tarentaise Valley Savoie Building, Rhône-Alpes, France – design by Atelier Plexus architects / SG-Architecte 29 + 28 Oct 2013 Tignespace in Savoie Design: Alain PALMA of Atelier Plexus architects & Sylvain GIACHINO of SG-Architecte Location: Tignes, Tarentaise Valley, Savoie department, Rhône-Alpes region, south-eastern France Tignespace, indoor sports … Read more