Stan Douglas Photographs 2008-2013

Stan Douglas Photographs 2008-2013, Carré d’Art-Nîmes Exhibition, French Museum of Contemporary Art Stan Douglas Photographs 2008-2013, France French Museum of Contemporary Art Exhibition 4 Jul 2013 Stan Douglas Exhibition Carré d’Art-Nîmes Exhibition 12 Oct 2013 – 26 Jan 2014 Since the late 1980s, Stan Douglas has been making films, photographs and installations which analyse and … Read more

Bishopsgate London Office Buildings

Bishopsgate London, Architecture, Photos, Buildings, Offices, Projects, Images Bishopsgate London : Building Photos Offices Development in the City, England, UK 7 Nov 2012 Bishopsgate Buildings Photo © Adrian Welch, Nov 2012 Photos © Adrian Welch, Jun 2007 Bishopsgate buildings, City of London Bishopsgate development: photo © Nick Weall photo © Adrian Welch, Jun 2007 110 … Read more

London Architecture Images: Building Photos

London Architecture Images, Building, Pictures, News, Design, Property, Image London Architecture Images Architecture Photography © Keepclicking in London, England, UK 11 Sep 2012 London Architectural Images These London Architecture photographs are taken by Keepclicking. Over 1000 architectural images from this city are online + available for purchase, please contact info(at) Double click on the image … Read more