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The Circle at Zurich Airport

Swiss Architecture: Development Contest Switzerland design by Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop

7 Jan 2022
The Circle at Zurich Airport Building News
Design: Holzer Kobler Architekturen, in coopration with Riken Yamamoto
The Circle Zurich Airport, Switzerland
photo courtesy of architects office
The Circle Zurich Airport
Housed inside the brand-new boomerang-shaped building is 80,000 sqm of greenery, coupled with what is being coined as a ‘micro-city’. From futuristic office space and marketplaces to dining and cultural options, The Circle offers everything that a business or leisure traveller could ever need or want.

7 + 3 Apr 2014

The Circle – Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport Building News

Design: Holzer Kobler Architekturen in coopration with Riken Yamamoto

A destination for business and lifestyle.

The Circle at Zurich Airport
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The Circle at Zurich Airport
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The Circle at Zurich Airport
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Zurich airport will soon be home to a striking building complex offering a vast utilization mix of corporate embassies, hotels, offices, medical clinics, schools and gastronomy covering more than 180.000 sqm.

The Circle at Zurich Airport
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The Circle at Zurich Airport
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The Circle at Zurich Airport
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The Circle at Zurich Airport
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In close cooperation with lead design architect Riken Yamamoto and general planner under construction ag (S + B Baumanagement AG and Gruner AG) Holzer Kobler Architekturen are involved as design architects and are contributing significantly to the realization of the project. The completion is planned for 2018.

The Circle, Zurich Airport
image by © FGAZ

The Circle, Zurich design
image by © FGAZ

The Circle – Zurich Airport information from Holzer Kobler Architekturen

25 Feb 2010

The Circle at Zurich Airport Development

Architectural competition for The Circle ends

A Japanese team of star architects – Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop – is the winner of the architectural competition launched by Flughafen Zürich AG for «The Circle». The project involves an upscale complex for innovative services within walking distance of the terminals.

«Divers(c)ity» is the name of the winning project of the three-tier architectural competition that lasted a year and attracted over 90 high-calibre entries from all over the world. The draft developed by Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop, a Japanese architectural firm, is characterised primarily by Swiss understatement and high atmospheric quality derived from the eloquence of its compact urban format. It promises to become a milestone of the architectural landscape in which Zurich Airport is embedded.

The Circle at Zurich Airport The Circle Zurich The Circle The Circle Switzerland

Images : Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop

Seen from the airport, «Divers(c)ity» is an impressive structure that syncopates the prominent shapes of the existing airport, and from the hillside, it resembles a metropolitan kernel that blends with the greenery. Inspired by the motto «from bustle to serenity», the protective façade allows an urban scenery to unfold in interesting spaces and areas.

On the ground floor plane, an eclectic lattice of streets, plazas, and passageways meanders its way along the entire length of the complex, activating adjacent entrances, marketing platforms, gastronomic venues as well as areas intended for cultural activities and general public uses on multiple levels. A glass roof interconnects the cubatures on a mezzanine plane that serves as a further access level.

The result is a multifaceted juxtaposition of individual volumes and contiguous modules that ideally merge public, semi-public, and private zones. Tenants are assigned their own descriptive addresses. At the same time, the project affords great flexibility with respect to phasing across the entire life span of the building complex.

«Divers(c)ity» provides a framework for living diversity that attracts visitors and arouses their curiosity. The distinctiveness of the architecture with its clear expression of attributes such as «swiss», «cosmopolitan», and «surprising» give the vision of «The Circle» a fit-for-the-future personality.

As the next step, the draft will be evolved to the status of a functioning, economical project within the scope of a preliminary study. Provided these specifications are met, construction will begin in 2012.

The Circle at Zurich Airport Exhibition

The results of the competition will be publicly displayed at the Airport Forum of Zurich Airport from 11 to 26 February 2010 (daily from noon to 7 pm).

The Circle at Zurich Airport The Circle The Circle Switzerland

The Circle at Zurich Airport Timeline

Feb 2009 Launch of architectural competition
Feb 2010 Announcement of award winner
2012 (approx.) Groundbreaking ceremony
2016 (approx.) Completion of first phase

The Circle at Zurich Airport Areas

Plot size 37,000 m2
Floor space (approx.) 200,000 m2
«Health & Beauty» 10,000 m2
«Education & Knowledge» 8,500 m2
«Culture & Events» 5,000 m2
«Brands & Dialogue» 17,000 m2
«Counsel & Services» 7,000 m2
«Hotels & Serviced Apartments» 45,000 m2
«Headquarters & Offices» 90,000 m2
Storage space 15,000 m2

24 Feb 2009

New major project at Zurich Airport

Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG) is launching the development of a new major project at Zurich Airport. A high-quality building development for services with a utilisable area of around 200,000m2 is planned within walking distance of the terminal. It is called «The Circle at Zurich Airport».

Circle at Zurich Airport images / information from Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop

Riken Yamamoto & Fieldshop

Holzer Kobler Architekturen

Location: Zurich Airport, Switzerland, central Europe

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The Circle Zurich co-designers : Holzer Kobler Architects, Switzerland

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