How to buy a house in Spain guide

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How to buy a house in Spain

13 Sep 2021

The dream of many people in life is to be able to buy a house in a favourite place and spend dream moments there. In this respect, one of the most popular and desired destinations among foreigners looking for a new life in a foreign country is Spain. Specifically, we must refer to the well-known Costa del Sol, as well as to the big cities such as Madrid or Barcelona.

Often, a holiday leaves us in love with the place where we have spent a short stay and we cannot stop thinking about what it would be like to have our habitual residence there. Spain is one of these places, as the climate, the quality of life, the culture and the gastronomy make many foreigners choose to spend more than just a holiday in there.

If you are thinking of spending your retirement in a new place, Spain is one of the favourite destinations for this new stage. But what is the first step to take when buying a house in Spain?

How to buy a house in Spain Guide

First of all, it is important to choose the location, because although Spain is a country rich in culture, it is not the same to live in the big cities as it is to opt for quieter communities with a Mediterranean climate. Andalusia is also a favourite destination; in cities such as Marbella, Malaga, Granada or Seville you can choose to live in a house near the beach, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. On the other hand, and if you are a lover of shores, you can choose the Canary or the Balearic Islands. You can also move inland to the countryside. Residential properties here range from the village houses (Fincas) to country estates to upmarket Fincas.

How to buy a house in Spain

The good thing about choosing Spain as your new home is that there are plenty of places to choose from; whether you love the mountains, the sea, or even both. In My Spain Visa you can find a lot of information about the most popular places, the legal process to go through to buy a house in Spain, the different current market prices, etc.

Furthermore, if you finally decide to move to Spain you will need to obtain a residence permit such as the Golden Visa. But what do you need to do to get your golden visa Spain? This type of permit will allow you and your family to live legally in Spain. This type of permit is foreseen for all the citizens from outside the European Union and who want to move and live in the Spanish territory and make a significant investment in Spain.

If you need more information, advice and personalised advice to carry out any type of legal process, do not hesitate to contact My Spain Visa, a law firm specialised in this type of procedure and which has a fully experienced team that guarantees a personalised follow-up from the very first moment to the last.

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Casa Unifamiliar MJ, La Cerdera, Lleida, Catalonia, Northern Spain – near Andorra
Design: Alventosa Morell Arquitectes
MJ House La Cerdera Spain
photo © Eugeni Pons
MJ House in La Cerdera, Province of Lleida

New House in Santa Pola, Baix Vinalopó, Valencian Community, Spain
Design: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
House in Santa Pola luxury Valencia home
photo : Fernando Guerra, FG + SG
New Property in Santa Pola

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