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Interior architect: why call on him? what are the costs?

9 Feb 2021

Interior Architect Why Call on Him What are the Costs

Do you want to fit out or redesign your house’s interior? An interior architect can help you concretize your ideas and accompany you through the realization of your interior design project. Whether it is a living room, a bedroom, an attic or a whole house to renovate, the interior architect will always have beautiful ideas to suggest.

Interior architect: what does he do concretely?

The interior architect designs and arranges the interior spaces of a building (houses, flats, offices…) taking into account the needs, the desires and the budget of his client.

Depending on the rooms’ structure, the interior architect redefines the layout and the space arrangement to make it more aesthetic, practical and safe. He suggests sketches and 3D plans to illustrate his vision of the project.

Thanks to the creativity and technical skills of an interior architect, he can intervene in the choice of materials, colors, lighting, equipment, and furniture. He can also create custom-made ones.

If his function does not allow him to remove or modify a load-bearing wall, he can nevertheless call upon a technical design specialist or an architect, who will take care of this part of the project himself. On the other hand, he can suggest multiple operations like: knocking down, modifying, creating partitions, or even installing a staircase if he finds it relevant.

Depending on the complexity of the project, the designer may work with craftsmen, designers, or architects.

Interior Architect Why Call on Him What are the Costs

How much does an interior architect cost?

The fees of an interior architecture practice depend on the extent of the work and services that will be carried out, the location of the construction site, the reputation of the professional, the quality of the chosen materials, or the project’s nature of the operations.

Here is an estimate of the average fees practiced by interior designers:

1st visit or simple advice

250 € /hour

Project study

40 to 150 € /m2

Assistance with administrative procedures

8 to 15% of the work cost excluding taxes

Collecting customer needs, tastes and budget First visit First visit
Dimensions measurement Dimensional analysis Sketches and layout plans (and possibly 3D simulations) Study of the project
Proposition d’idées et conseils Proposal of ideas and advice Selection of materials, furniture and decorative accessories Assistance with administrative procedures
Estimation of the work cost Help in the choice of the craftsmen
Follow-up and coordination of the construction site until its delivery

Interior architect: why should you call on him?

When you plan to renovate, redesign or remodel your housing interior, being accompanied by an interior architect can maximize the success of your project. Indeed, his help can be invaluable in many cases:

  • Create a project that suits you

The interior architect takes into account your needs, your desires and your budget to design a project that reflects your image.

  • Check the feasibility of your project

Depending on the technical or legal constraints of your project, and the allocated budget, the interior architect will be able to tell you if your project is possible or not.

  • Simulate several interior design solutions

Calling on the services of an interior designer also means giving yourself the luxury of choice. Indeed, he is able to offer you several interior design solutions from a single request.

  • Reveal the potential of an outdated or impractical interior

If you no longer like the decoration or layout of your home, an interior architect will be able to transform this space into a convivial place that will be adapted to your current lifestyle. Sketches, plans or 3D visuals will allow you to project yourself into your future home.

  • Advise you on materials, equipment and decoration

The interior architect can give you the benefit of his expertise to find the materials and equipment that is best suited to your needs and tastes.

  • Save you time

If you opt for a complete mission, the architect will accompany you through the administrative procedures, the choice of contractors, and will himself ensure the follow-up and coordination of the work.

Interior Architect Why Call on Him What are the Costs

Interior architect: how to choose it?

While it is easy to understand the interest of being accompanied by an interior architect in your project, choosing the professional who will provide the best help is not necessarily obvious at first glance. Here are some criteria to take into account to choose your interior architecture office:

  • Have a well-defined project

Take the time to think about the mission you want to entrust to your designer. Is it a project for a one or two-room remodeling? or a complete renovation of your home? Would you like to optimize the interior space by removing certain walls or partitions? Do you just want to give your decoration a new look? The more precise your needs are, the easier it will be for you to define the outlines of the interior designer’s mission.

  • Check his experience on similar projects

Don’t hesitate to consult the portfolio of the interior architect you are interested in. The purpose here would be to get an idea of his ability to carry out a project like the one you want to entrust to him. This will allow you to see if you agree with his style and decisions.

  • Consult the opinions of his former clients

Ask the interior architect if he can provide you with some client references to contact, or to look for them yourself (more reliable reviews). You will then be able to check if they were satisfied with the exchanges with the professional, the proposed solutions and the carried out work.

  • Make sure that he has taken out the necessary insurance for the practice of his profession

Any self-respecting interior architect must at least be covered by a 10 year term insurance policy and professional liability insurance. The former allows to cover for 10 years the repair costs related to construction defects that have caused significant damage. The second intervenes when the professional is responsible for damage caused to a third party in the course of his activity.

  • Check if their expertise has been validated by a recognized organism such as the French Council of Interior Architects (CFAI) in France

The CFAI label guarantees that the professional has followed a complete training course in his profession, that he has all the skills required to practice it, and that he has the insurance required by law.

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