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Hotel Pazo da Buzaca in Galicia

18 Apr 2023

Architects: Nan Arquitectos

Location: Galicia, Northwest Spain

Hotel Pazo da Buzaca Galicia Spain

Photos by Ivan Casal Nieto 2

Hotel Pazo da Buzaca, Spain

Intervention project inside the Pazo da Buzaca. The intervention seeks maximum dialogue with the built element.

Hotel Pazo da Buzaca Galicia Spain

Hotel Pazo da Buzaca Spain

The lighting is worked on in a very detailed way in order to create cozy and warm settings without the usual strident luminaires appearing in this type of space. Moreover, it is intended that the light source go completely unnoticed, for this we introduce a lot of indirect light in order to bathe those most interesting architectural elements, likewise concentrated light is used with the same objective.

Hotel Pazo da Buzaca Spain

To enhance the lighting and highlight the beams of light, the space is darkened by painting it black, which provides elegance for a possible solemn act.

Hotel Pazo da Buzaca Galicia

Hotel Pazo da Buzaca Galicia

This is accompanied by a careful choice of contemporary furniture with simple lines.

Hotel Pazo da Buzaca Galicia

Hotel Pazo da Buzaca Galicia

Be respectful of the pre-existence by emptying spaces and introducing elements that add meaning and value to the essence of the Pazo.

Accommodation Building northwest Spain

In the rooms, the intervention is continuous with respect to the intervention in common spaces, but it delves deeper into some aspects such as furniture design and the introduction of more current materials.

Galicia Accommodation Building

North West Spain Accommodation Building

Hotel Pazo da Buzaca in Galicia, Spain – Building Information

Architects: Nan Arquitectos –

Project size: 900 sqm
Site size: 3500 sqm
Project Budget: EUR 300,000.00
Completion date: 2022
Building levels: 3

Hotel Pazo da Buzaca Galicia Spain

Hotel Pazo da Buzaca Galicia Spain

Photography: Iván Casal Nieto 2 (

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Location: Galicia, northwest Spain, southwest Europe

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