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GB House in Girona, Spain

Contemporary Spanish Residence: New Home design by Andrés Arenas Ylla architect

15 Jun 2019

Architect: Andrés Arenas Ylla

Location: Das, county of la Cerdanya (Girona), Spain

GB House in Girona Spain

GB House

The GB House is intended as a place of rest for a family in a plot in a privileged location, with beautiful views, in a development in La Cerdanya with large plots, without separations between neighbors, which allows for a physical and visual landscape continuity.

GB House in Girona Spain

GB House in Girona Spain

Given this beautiful environment, the aim has been to project a house that finds its meaning and place in careful union and relationship with the landscape, minimizing its impact and where the spaces that compose it vary with natural daylight, following the course of the day and seasons. To create a building with love and integrity, seeking harmony and balance between the form, the landscape and the people who will live in it.

GB House in Girona Spain

New Girona Home design by Andrés Arenas Ylla architect

Compositionally, the house is projected from a volume attached to the land, with the roofs beginning at the same level, and is articulated in plan and section to adapt to the program requested by the clients. The access to the house, in direct visual contact with the garden, is set as a coupling of the day and night areas and as a vertical communication core. An L-shaped volume is projected with turns that allow for the best views and sunlight, where the dining room, the rooms and the bedrooms on the ground floor have their own access to the garden.

New Home in Girona design by Andrés Arenas Ylla architect

The main body contains the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the office and service area and the porch. The first floor is located in this body, under cover, with seating and guest areas. The body of rooms is organized following the perimeter of the facade, with a distributor that opens out on a small room, so that all pieces have natural light and ventilation.

GB House in Girona Spain

The materials used in the construction are those of the area, with natural stone placed on a dry joint, wood placed in Canadian style on facades and slate on roofs and exterior pavements. The window openings feature glass with high thermal performance and low emissivity, and adjustable blinds that allow for solar control and protection of the house. In the interior, Austrian oak parquet has been used, except in the kitchen, garage, bathrooms and service areas, where ceramic stoneware has been placed. The work has been executed by industrialists of the region, on budget and following strict criteria of sustainability and energy eco-efficiency.

GB House in Girona Spain

GB House, Girona – Building Information

Architect and author: Andrés Arenas Ylla
Project Location: Das, county of la Cerdanya (Girona)
Year of completion: 2018
Built-up area: 602,92 m2

Other Participants:
Construction: Somoza Constructions
Structural Calculus: Toni Ortiz
Interior Design: Andrés Arenas Ylla

GB House in Girona Spain

Brands/ Products
Carpentry: Adam
Blinds: Griesser
Electricity: Insmont
Plumbing and heating: JGB

GB House in Girona Spain

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Location: Das, county of la Cerdanya (Girona), north east Spain, southwestern Europe

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