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South Korea Building Developments

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Building Developments in South Korea

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of South Korean Building Developments.

We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and competitions across South Korea. The focus is on contemporary South Korea buildings.

We have 4 pages of South Korean Building Development selections.

Korean Architecture : news + key projects

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Korea Buildings

Major South Korean Buildings / Projects, alphabetical:

The Ananti Club, Seoul
Design: Ken Min Architects
Ananti Club Seoul - South Korean Building Developments
photo : Song Jae Young
The Ananti Club

Ann Demeulemeester store, Seoul
Design: Minsuk Cho + Kisu Park
Seoul store building
image from Minsuk Cho
Seoul store

Archipelago 21 Seoul
Design: Studio Daniel Libeskind
Archipelago 21 Yongsan International Business District - South Korean Architecture
image © Ray-us corp
Archipelago 21 Seoul – 31 May 2012
Archipelago21 – a masterplan for the major redevelopment for the Yongsan International Business District – dramatically reinvents the landscape of Korea’s historic capital city. This sustainable urban development is made up of over 30 million square feet of built area and will include a new international business district, world-class shopping, residential neighborhoods, cultural institutions, educational facilities and transportation, all sited in a large urban park along the Han River.

Asian Culture Complex, Gwangju
Design: Kyu Sung Woo Architects
Asian Culture Complex Korea - South Korean Building Developments
picture from SGLA
Asian Culture Complex Korea

The Blade, Seoul
Design: Dominique Perrault Architecture
The Blade Seoul - South Korean Architecture
image : 2012 © Luxigon / DPA / Adagp
The Blade Seoul
Dominique Perrault has been selected to build a tower within the future Yongsan International Business Center in Seoul, whose masterplan was designed by Daniel Libeskind. “It is not a square or a round building, but a rhomboid prism, arranged in a way that makes it look different depending on the angle of approach. Inspired by its slender shape and sharp edges, the tower has been named The Blade”.

Bupyeong Post Office, Incheon
Design: Kyungam Architects Associates
Bupyeong Post Office - South Korean Building Developments
picture from architect
Bupyeong Post Office

Busan Cinema Center, Busan
Design: Coop Himmelb(l)au Architects
Busan Cinema Center - South Korean Architecture Developments
image ©, Vienna
Busan Cinema Center : Architecture contest

Busan Opera House Competition
Korean Ideas Contest
Busan Opera House Competition - South Korean Building Developments
picture from organiser
Busan Opera House Competition

Busan Opera House Design
Design: various architects
Busan Opera House design - South Korean Architecture
picture : Matteo Cainer Architects Ltd
Korean Opera House Design + Korean Opera House Architecture Contest
Busan is the fifth largest port of the world. The Busan Opera House is located in the Busan North Port development area. This zone is home to a cultural complex department, museums, a maritime culture center, a cruise center, waterfront causeway, public parks, an opera, a theater and a business district.

Busan World Business Centre
Design: UNStudio Architects
Busan World Business Centre - South Korean Architecture
image : UNStudio 2007
Busan World Business Centre

Cheonan Post Office, Chungdang
Design: Kyungam Architects Associates
Cheonan Post Office - South Korean Building Developments
image from architect studio
Cheonan Post Office

Chuncheon District Court, Wonju
Design: Kyungam Architects Associates
Chuncheon District Court Korea
picture from architect practice
Chuncheon District Court

Cross Towers, Seoul
Design: BIG
Cross Towers Seoul - South Korean Architecture
image : MIR
Cross Towers Seoul – 3 May 2012
BIG’s residential towers in the Yongsan International Business District revitalize the Han riverfront into a new commercial and residential center for the citizens of Seoul. Situated at the south-east edge of the Yongsan master plan designed by Studio Liebeskind for the Korean development group Dreamhub, BIG’s Cross # Towers will contribute to the developing skyline of Seoul and become a recognizable marker of the new cultural and commercial center of the city.

Daeyang Gallery and House, Seoul
Design: Steven Holl Architects
Daeyang Gallery and House Seoul
photograph : Iwan Baan
Daeyang Gallery and House – 29 May 2012
The private gallery and house is sited in the hills of the Kangbuk section of Seoul, Korea. The project was designed as an experiment parallel to a research studio on “the architectonics of music.”

Dalki Theme Park + Shop, Heyri

Dalki Theme Park - South Korean Building Developments
photograph : Yong Kwan Kim
Dalki Theme Park

Dancing Dragons, Yongsan, Seoul
Design: AS+GG
Dancing Dragons Seoul
image © AS+GG
Dancing Dragons Seoul

Dancing Towers, Yongsan Business District, Seoul
Design: Studio Daniel Libeskind
Dancing Towers Buildings
image © Crystal
Dancing Towers Seoul – 30 May 2012
These Korean skyscraper buildings form a mixed-use development that consists of three 41 story residential towers, (a total of 834 total residential units). The design is “inspired by the traditional Korean Buddhist Dance known as Seung-Moo. The subtle rotation of the towers creates the illusion they are dancing, as inspired by the long sleeves of the Seung-Moo dancer’s traditional costumes, gracefully propelled by the dancer’s movements”.

Diagonal Tower, Seoul
Design: SOM
Diagonal Tower Building
image © SOM/Crystal CG
Diagonal Tower – 1 Jun 2012
A case study in efficiency, SOM’s design of the 343-meter (1,125-foot) tall Diagonal Tower successfully integrates massing, structure, and performance to minimize wind loads, reduce construction costs, provide dramatic views, and meet strict energy codes—all while maintaining an iconic skyline presence.

Digital Media City Landmark Tower, Seoul
Digital Media City Landmark Tower
image from architect firm
Digital Media City Landmark Tower

Donghae Hansome Resort Masterplan
Kyungam Architects Associates
Han Island Korea
image from architecture office
Han Island Resort

Samoo Architects & Engineers
image from architects firm
E-BRARY Building

Element House, Anyang
Rintala Eggertsson Architects
Element House - South Korean Building Developments
photo : Park Wan Soon
Element House

Expo Yeosu Pavilion
soma architecture
Expo Yeosu Building
image from architectural practice
Expo Yeosu Pavilion

South Korea Building Developments – No Images

South Korean Building Developments, alphabetical:

DMC B6/2 office building, Digital Media City, Seoul
Date built: 2007
Design: Barkow Leibinger

Dulnyouk Publishers, Paju Book City, nr Seoul
Date built: 2006
Design: Foreign Office Architects
South Korean Architecture : RIBA International Awards 2006

More South Korean Architecture Developments online soon

Location: South Korea, Eastern Asia

Incheon Urban Design Competition : Incheon Metropolitan City, 2009
Incheon Metropolitan City
picture from organiser

Garak Market Development, Seoul

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