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Busan Opera House, Korea : Building Proposal

Korean Arts Building design by Kubota & Bachmann Architects_LCC

Busan, South Korea

Design: Kubota & Bachmann Architects

Busan Opera House – Project Description


15 Aug 2011

Busan Opera House Building

Busan is the fifth largest port of the world. The Busan Opera House (BOH) is located in the Busan North Port development area. This zone is home to a cultural complex department, museums, a maritime culture center, a cruise center, waterfront causeway, public parks, an opera, a theater and a business district.

It is crucial that the BOH program and its architectural form integrate into the existing master plan, and express the new and unique creative character of the Busan North Port.

Busan Opera House
picture from architects

The BOH is situated at the southern end of a new artificial island. The form of the proposed project is a direct result of the site conditions: on the one hand, the plan is a response to the island’s outline, and on the other hand, the form of the BOH recalls the silhouette of the mountains surrounding the city. The circular form is also designed to allude to the Taegeuk and the traditional ceramic base. The smooth shape is meant to be a contemporary interpretation of these elements of traditional Korean culture.

As a result, the BOH is designed to provide harmony and balance to the Busan North Port Development.

Busan Opera House Busan Opera House Busan Opera House Busan Opera House
pictures from architects

A particularly key and innovative feature of the proposed design for the BOH is its patio formed by a void in the center of the new Opera House. This void is at the center of the site, and is also at the heart of the project. As Anish Kapoor said, “Emptiness does lead to emptiness”. Everything is organized around this central void: a circular foyer makes a loop and connects the Opera, the Multipurpose Theater and the Multipurpose Hall. This emptiness (which is actually a major space that gives this project an innovative identity) shrouds an exterior bench surrounding a water pond that is directly connected to the sea. This void provides an exceptional location for theatrical events – an extension of the shows occurring inside the BOH- this creating an animated and exceptional space in the Busan North Port.

The temporary stage on the floating platforms in the pond combined with LED screen system -that constitutes a sun protection system for the foyer and ensures a warm space- on the facade of the patio offers a waterfront spectacle every night for all Busan inhabitants.

The BOH is in harmony with the spirit of Busan Port like a beat flowing with music. The chorus lies in the heart of the busan north port: a multitude of impressions coming from multiple sources blend naturally to form a harmonious whole, creating a dramatic and emotional space. and of course, the natural beauty of the Lake Melasjärvi.

Busan Opera House Busan Opera House Busan Opera House Busan Opera House
pictures from architects

Busan Opera House – Building Information

Project Name: Busan Opera House
City and Country: Busan, South Korea
Competition Official Site: http://www.bohcompetition.org
Client: Busan Metropolitan City
Type of Competition: Open International Competition

Program: Opera house (2,000 seats), Multi Purpose Theater (1,300 seats), Common area and Auxiliary facilities

Site Area: Competition Study Area : 35,000 m²
Building Surface (Project): Total floor area : 60 000 m²
Schedule: The construction start to construct in 2014 (expected)
Result (12 Aug 2011): Conpetition Entry
Competition entry submission: Aug 2011

Busan Opera House – Competition Team

Designer: Toshihiro KUBOTA ; Yves BACHMANN

Landscape Architect: Bassinet Turquin Paysage
Environmental Engineer: Øyvind VESSIA
Perspectives: Sebastien Rageul
Architects: Ikbal BOUAITA
Artist Collaboration: Clement Valla

Busan Opera House images / information from Kubota & Bachmann Architects

Busan Opera, Republic of Korea
Peter Ruge Architekten
Busan Opera
picture from architect

Busan Opera House
Busan Opera House design
picture : Tangram 3DS

Busan Opera House Competition : Korean Ideas Contest. 25 Apr 2011
Busan Opera House Competition
picture from organiser

Location: Busan, South Korea, East Asia

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