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Portoroz Villas Slovenia : Portorose Architecture

Residential Development Slovenia, Eastern Europe – design by Groleger Arhitekti

29 May 2009

Residential villas Beli Kriz

Location: Portorose, Slovenia, Southeast Europe
Date built: 2009
Design: Groleger Arhitekti, Ljubljana

Portoroz Villas, Slovenia Houses - Residential villas Beli Kriz

Portoroz is the leading sea-side tourist center in Slovenija, with many hotels, villas and residential areas. The whole territory is a gently rising hillside facing the south and the sea.

Until the 2nd World War the place was known as a health resort with lots of green parts, Mediterranean trees and a few hotels. After the 2nd World War a general urbanization started, predominantly with individual housing. Unfortunately, no urban strategy was available at the time and the characteristic local typology was seldom respected. For the last 10 years the density of the whole area has been radically increasing.

Portorose Houses Portorose Houses

Located almost at the top of the hill “Beli kriz” (White Cross) overlooking Portoroz, the site is surrounded by existing private residences with a diversity off architectural styles and colors.

Contrasting the typology of the surrounding residences with multiple flats verticaly composed, the architects are proposing lower houses with individual units standing one beside another in a horizontal composition, clinging on the terrain like a string of pearls.

Each unit of this ensemble has its own garden on the ground floor and a terrace on the upper floor, with smaller and more intimate individual spaces on different horizontal levels between the single buildings. Olive trees are planted as a reminiscence and revival of the native vegetation.

Residential villas Beli Kriz Residential villas Beli Kriz

Keeping the natural qualities, shaping the houses on the principle “less is more” and focusing on the landscape was the main goal for the design approach – it’s all about the creation of individual spaces, where the shape and appearance of the houses is not as important as the local Mediterranean spirit.

Portoroz Villas Slovenia – Building Information

Size: 1,600 m2
Year of project: 2008/09
Status: under construction
Rendering: Lidija Dikanovic

Portorose villas images / information from Groleger Arhitekti

Groleger Arhitekti

Location: Portorose, Slovenia, Southeast Europe

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