Three Residence Complex

Three Residence Complex – Athens Housing

Design: AKKM & Associates – Architecture and Urban Design

One of the primary objectives was to minimize the building’s coverage in order to maximize space for gardens. The two apartments on the first two floors are aligned as a block parallel to the street, separating the site as well as the outdoor spaces into two sections. Due to the land’s incline, the front garden adjoins the first floor whereas the back garden is adjacent to the second floor.

Paradox House in Athens

Paradox House in Athens: Residence

Design: Klab Architecture, Architects. A house of 250m2 for a young family in an almost rural area part of Athens Paiania, was designed in a plot of 500m2. As the first house that was going to be built in this new suburb, but not the last we had to consider future developments but start from an almost white paper.

Skyfall Apartment: Athens Residence

Skyfall Apartment, Athens Residential Development, Greece Home, Greek Architecture, Architect Skyfall Apartment, Greece : Athens Residence Greek Residential Development – design by Studio Omerta 21 May 2013 Athens Apartment Design: Studio Omerta Location: Athens, Greece Skyfall Apartment Greece The latest interior design project by Studio Omerta is the renovation of a two bedroom apartment in…