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Al Zahraa Residence in Jeddah

Saudi Arabia Home: Contemporary KSA Property design by Badih and Kantar Architects

13 Sep 2016

Al Zahraa Residence, Jeddah Home

Design: Badih and Kantar Architects

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Al Zahraa Multiple Residence by Badih and Kantar Architects

Al Zahraa

Multiple Residence

Al Zahraa Residence in Jeddah

Divided into two main plots, long strips of narrowly attached residential units create a non-repetitive composition of positive and negative blocks of solid sheets providing privacy and front buffering gardens, thus protecting the houses from being exposed to the main traffic. The client’s main target was to provide small families and expats with their daily needs, from privacy to relaxation and public interaction. A unique introverted landscape, easily accessible from all units.

Al Zahraa Residence in Jeddah

One of the main hubs of commerce and vehicular traffic within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah has lately become a major residential district throughout the kingdom. Al Zahra Development Project has been conceived as a new experience in the heart of the City, at one of the major crossings between King Abdul Aziz and Al Baturji roads, within a large district able to accommodate most urban facilities, ranging from residential and commercial to religious entities and hospitalization centers.

Al Zahraa Residence in Jeddah

construction to start in 2016 expected delivery in 2018 Jeddah, KSA

Badih and Kantar Architects

Al Zahraa Residence in Jeddah

Badih and Kantar Architects, 2015.

Badih & Kantar is an Architecture and Interior Design studio based in Beirut, Lebanon. Led by 3 partners, the firm currently employs more than 30 architects and designers from diversified backgrounds and nationalities, each recruited for their particular competence, experience and enthusiasm. Since 1998, the workshop has been steadily growing into an international practice, undertaking and completing over 150 projects all around the globe, from the Middle East and GCC areas to the Near East, Europe and the United States.

The studio’s proficient team tackles more than 20 ongoing projects, from conceptual design and technical drawings to construction supervision and furnishing. Throughout its growth, BK strived to maintain their “studio” identity, where creativity and flexibility are the cornerstones of the thinking process, providing fertile grounds for imagination and cooperative interaction in order to attain a refined interpretation of the client’s aspirations.

Al Zahraa Residence in Jeddah

Winner – Al Zahraa Multiple Residence by Badih and Kantar Architects is Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2015-16.

Al Zahraa Multiple Residence by Badih and Kantar Architects – A’ Design Awards & Competition shortlisted

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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